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POWERLESS’ Wonder Woman Connection, New WALKING DEAD Teaser, and More TV Updates

POWERLESS’ Wonder Woman Connection, New WALKING DEAD Teaser, and More TV Updates

If you woke up today thinking, ‘Hey, I’d really like a pile of television news,’ then you’re in luck. Today’s TV-Cap is packed with information on the Powerless Wonder Woman connection, a Negan-rrific teaser for The Walking Dead, a restoration for a legendary missing Doctor Who story, and more.

Wonder Woman’s Messes. Powerless will drop on NBC during the midseason in 2017, and the comedy is about the insurance agents that have to deal with the disasters superheroes leave behind. Vanessa Hudgens stars in the show, and her character–Emily Locke–has a tie to Wonder Woman. She told DC All Access at Comic-Con that the first claim Emily worked on was a result of damage caused by Wonder Woman; you can catch Hudgens’ comments at about 1:44 in the above video. [CBR]

Episode Playlist. All 13 episodes of Marvel’s Luke Cage are named after Gang Starr songs, and showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker has slowly been revealing the titles on Twitter. They’re all out now, and Comic Book Movie shared them. In order from one to 13, they’re:

  • “Moment of Truth”
  • “Code of the Streets”
  • “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?”
  • “Step in the Arena”
  • “Just to Get a Rep”
  • “Suckas Need Bodyguards”
  • “Manifest”
  • “Blowin’ Up the Spot”
  • “DWYCK”
  • “Take it Personal”
  • “Now You’re Mine”
  • “Soliloquy of Chaos”
  • “You Know My Steez”

Resurrection. Back in the day, entertainment wasn’t archived as carefully as it is now. In the case of Doctor Who, that meant some episodes from the ’60s went missing. Wacky to think about, right? BBC is getting creative with one of those installments though; they’re reconstructing 1966’s “The Power of the Daleks” with animation. It will be released digitally on November 21 in the UK and on November 12 in the U.S. Read more about the serial here at Nerdist. [Image: BBC]

A Cappella Synth. Want to hear the Stranger Things theme song performed by voices instead of synth instruments? The Warp Zone has you covered with the above video. [Nerdist]

Fighting Hitler. Huh. Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb told TVLine that Sam and Dean will be fighting Hitler in the upcoming season 12 (premiering October 13). Given that, Adam Rose will be reprising his role as Aaron Bass, a member of a secret group that wants to bring back Hitler. In other words, things are going to get bananas. [TVLine]

Mining Business. Netflix has been casting a limited period drama series called Godless. Set in a mining town in New Mexico in the 1800s, the story is about the survivors of a tragic mining accident–which happen to be only women–and the hardships they face. Those hardships will include a smooth talking business man named J.J. Valentine; he’ll be played by Christopher Fitzgerald. Other cast members previously announced include Jeff Daniels, Merritt Wever, Jeremy Bobb, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. And yes, it is funny that a show about female survivors has only announced one female cast member.

Renewal News. For fans of Narcos: Netflix has renewed the series for seasons three and four. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Rules. Negan is going to rule life on The Walking Dead when season seven premieres on October 23. AMC’s shared a teaser hinting at the effect Negan and his trusty baseball bat will have. [Nerdist]

Dark Is a Word… Every film from the ’80s will eventually be a TV series. It is known. The latest? Heathers. TV Land has ordered a pilot for a “dark comedy” series based on the movie but set in the present day. But how dark will they go? [Deadline]

Release Time? To say the next installment of A Song of Ice and Fire is much-anticipated is a massive understatement. Fans are ready to know what happens next and how it will relate to HBO’s Game of Thrones. And a date may have made its way into the world through Amazon France–emphasis on may. The website has The Winds of Winter listed for March 9, 2017. Could it be true? Read Michael’s thoughts and speculation on Winds of Winter here at Nerdist.

A Serious Look. Luke and Lorelai are still going to to the Black-White-Read Bookstore/Theatre in Netflix’s upcoming Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. TVLine debuted this new image, and Lorelai appears to have received some surprising news. Then again, Lorelai sort of has dramatic reactions to things… she could have just learned the market ran out of coffee. [Image: Netflix]

Which other heroes do you think we’ll hear about in Powerless? Do you have speculation about Luke Cage based on the episode titles? Tell me everything in the comments.

Featured Image: NBC

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