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Flight Attendant Does Safety Announcements in Looney Tunes Voices

Airline safety instructions. Who cares, right? I mean, realistically. Obviously you SHOULD care–for your safety and all–but if you fly frequently they’re as easily and routinely tuned out as buzzing insects. Southwest airlines have a different philosophy: they encourage their flight attendants to make the announcements fun and funny, and as a result, people pay attention.

And one, a fellow named Zach Haumesser, is now getting everybody’s attention (he got ours via NBC). Channeling Mel Blanc, his routine incorporated all the major Looney Tunes characters, from Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd to the Tasmanian Devil (he didn’t get to Marvin the Martian, but he’ll have plenty more flights on which to give that a shot). Filmed by a coworker who captured her colleague’s vocal dexterity, Haumesser has gone viral on YouTube, and will probably have at least one offer on the table for a voice-over agent by the time you’re done reading this.

YouTube comments range from the predictably horrible hijacker jokes to folks both loving and hating Southwest for allowing Haumesser’s bit of self-expression. We’re always happy to see somebody let their nerd flag fly, and hope this leads the airline down a path of one day hiring somebody who can impersonate all 12 Doctor Who leading men. Plus Peter Cushing and John Hurt, for extra credit.

If you worked for Southwest, what would your go-to impersonation(s) be? We figure somebody must have done a Ben Stein “Bueller…Bueller” bit by now, but offer up your own suggestions in comments below.

Image: YouTube/Jordy Girl

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