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Green Ranger Goes Bad in POWER RANGERS Prequel Comic Series

For nearly twenty-five years, the original Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, has been a fan favorite in the Power Rangers franchise. Even after he left the show, Jason David Frank has occasionally reprised his role as Tommy and maintained his connection to the series.

Now, Frank has returned once again in a new live-action trailer for the Power Rangers: Shattered Grid comic book crossover. Only this time, Frank is portraying Lord Drakkon, an alternate Tommy from another Earth. On his world, Lord Drakkon embraced evil and seized control. The Power Rangers of our world were able to repel Lord Drakkon’s first attempt to invade, but he’s about to strike back against every Power Rangers team across all eras.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers writer Kyle Higgins scripted and directed this short teaser, and produced it alongside Frank. Because this was a Saban approved production, the video was able to include clips from many different seasons of the Power Rangers TV show. It was an intriguing touch to connect the comic with the incarnations of the team who have yet to appear in print. However, even the combined might of the Rangers may simply disappear if Lord Drakkon successfully takes out the morphing grid in the past.

The Power Rangers: Shattered Grid crossover will begin in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 by Higgins and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo. Boom! Studios will release the issue on Wednesday, March 28.

What did you think about the live-action Power Rangers: Shattered Grid trailer? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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