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Get Hyped for POWER RANGERS’ 25th Anniversary Extravaganza

I remember vividly, as a nine-year-old, when Fox Kids was set to premiere a brand new superhero show called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It was 1993, just as the school year was kicking off, and I’d spend my fourth grade mornings watching the exploits of five teenagers with attitude taking on giant monsters in Angel Grove, CA. And ever since, a new group of fourth graders–and any aged kid–have been able to watch some version of the show. In 2018, Saban’s Power Rangers is turning 25 and all year they’re going to be celebrating with their “You’ve Got the Power” campaign.

Each iteration of the series has had a disparate group of teenagers recruited to become the latest in version of the ancient fighting force, and the 25th anniversary campaign will highlight what have always been the tenets of the series: “friendship, inclusivity, diversity and teamwork.” Kids who might not have been friends otherwise bond in order to save their community, and that’s a pretty great thing for young people to learn while they’re watching martial arts and Tokusatsu action.

The above image is the official logo of the 2018 celebration (it launches January and goes all the way through to the holidays). In addition, they’ve announced just the first batch of happenings for this monumental morphin milestone, and they include:

• A special 25th anniversary episode will air on Nickelodeon during the Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel season in Summer 2018.
• A national live tour and one-of-a-kind and interactive theatre production. More details, along with pre-sale tickets, will be announced in early October.
• Power Rangers will soon be the first licensed property with an official interactive role playing game streaming live on Hyper RPG Twitch channel.
• Interactive experiences with new, game-changing brand partners to create Power Rangers escape rooms and virtual reality centers as well as learning and physical development opportunities for kids.
• The unveiling of the “Top 25 for the 25th” collection which will feature must-have, official anniversary items for collectors of all ages from notable partners including Bandai, the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile game, and Power Rangers comics from BOOM! Studios, to name but a few.

Chances are, if you were a kid anywhere in the last 25 years, Power Rangers was a part of growing up, and might be part of where you are today. Its popularity remains, and a year-long party proves it’s still alive and high-kicking.

Images: Saban

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