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POKÉMON Come to Westeros in This GAME OF THRONES Mash-Up

The worlds of Pokémon and Game of Thrones are so vastly different that, at first glance, they may not seem compatible on any level. But that hasn’t stopped some dedicated fans from coming together for an unlikely animated mash up: Pokémon Ice and Fire, which re-imagines George R.R. Martin‘s epic fantasy with a few familiar creatures from Nintendo’s iconic franchise. The story is seemingly based on the seventh season of Game of Thrones, as Jon Snow bids his bannermen to go out and catch ’em all.

We first spotted this video on io9, and it is the creation of YouTube user Cash Sonny. And it not only gives A Song of Ice and Fire a retro makeover, it also includes voice-over actors for some of the primary characters, including Tyrion, Daenerys, and Jon Snow. In this world, it’s probably a lot more exciting to send a raven than it is in the show. While Daenerys’ dragons were natural choices for Pokémon, Jon and his allies have a few pocket monsters of their own to call upon.

Amusingly, random battles are also a part of this realm, which makes the long voyage to Westeros more eventful than it needs to be. And unfortunately for the living, the Night King is coming to the North with his own army of undead Pokémon.

You can find more Pokémon inspired parodies on Cash Sonny’s YouTube channel, but this is definitely one of our favorites.

What did you think about Pokémon Ice and Fire? We choose you to leave a comment below!

Images: Cash Sonny

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