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Pimple Popping Cake Doesn’t Understand Concept of Being “Appetizing”

Cake is about as unassailable a food item as you can find. Everyone might not like every kind of cake, but there’s some form of it out there for everyone. But what I can’t quite figure out is who in the world has been yearning for a cake that looks like it has real pimples you can pop.

We came across this bizarre foodstuff at BoredPanda, and it comes from The Cakescape Bakery in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. They created a birthday cake that looks like a human face covered in big, gross red zits (which look more like the kind of open sores you get before a zombie outbreak). If that was the end of it, it might still be a perfectly fine, humorous cake. But no, because it’s so much more disgusting than that. That’s because when you squeeze the pimples with your fingers, it “oozes” a pus-like filling.

Warning: don’t watch while eating, especially while eating cake.

I understand logically that all I am seeing is tasty cake, which is totally my thing, but I can’t get over how vile that looks. This is the real life equivalent of the Game of Thrones cut when it went from Sam curing Jorah’s greyscale to Arya tearing into one of Hot Pie’s pot pies. No one turned off that episode and said, “I need a chicken pot pie right now!”

This was a “prank” birthday cake for someone named Evelyn, but giving someone the least desirable cake of all time seems like they went a little too far. You should never make cake that is unappetizing to everyone.

Also. There are cupcake versions:

Would you eat this, or is it a little too gross looking even for cake? Take a bite out of our comments section below and let us know.

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

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