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Mirror Glazing Makes Cosmic Éclairs That Look Out of This World

I love a good éclair; it’s the first thing I gravitate towards when standing in front of a gleaming pastry case. A perfectly piped choux, creamy filling, and wondrous glaze is all it takes to fall in love with this irresistible treat.

The standard eclair hasn’t changed much since it was first created in the nineteenth century, but Musse Confectionery in Kiev, Ukraine has taken on the French classic and given it their own unique twist. Open for four years, the patisserie uses French recipes to create handmade pieces of art, all from natural ingredients.

Вдруг вы забыли, как прекрасен космос

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Laughing Squid highlighted the bakery’s most stellar creation, an éclair like no other, known as the Cosmos Éclair. The basic eclair is given a glorious galactic mirrored glaze sent from the heavens. Available in a variety of filling flavors, just looking at the sugary cosmos adorning the pastries makes it feel like the world is infinite.

Mirror glazing is a new trend in food decoration, and while the technique has been around for years, Instagram-obsessed culture has propelled the flashy desserts to new heights. It’s hard to resist a perfectly flawless mirror finish on an edible treat.

If intergalactic desserts aren’t your thing you can always reach for Musse Confectionery’s popular unicorn eclair. The happy little treat is detailed with a flowery mane and golden horn, all edible. Just as fabulous, and maybe even more magical.

Эклеры-единороги – одна из наших визитных карточек С начала года мы радуем вас этим нежнейшим оформлением Скажем откровенно – этот процесс достаточно трудоёмкий, но результат оправдывает это на все 100 #unicorneclair

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Follow Musse Confectionery on Instagram to get a look at more inspiring edible works of art.

How many galactic éclairs could you eat in one sitting? Put me down for ten. Let us know in the comments!

Images: Musse Confectionery

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