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Pickstarter: Space Nomads Fight Off Insectoids (With Your Help)

Here’s a video game looking for crowdfunding on Indiegogo: Space Nomads is a “first person, cooperative, tower-defense PC game, set in a procedurally generated world,” created by Loading Studios, a two-person Montreal-based indie studio trying to get their first title to market.

Let the developers tell you more:

Stranded on an alien planet, join your friends in a survival journey, explore a randomly generated world, collect resources, build your base, craft weapons and turrets to fight waves and waves of hostile insectoids…. Day after day.

The design of Space Nomads grew on the desire to create, not only a PC game, but also a game made of exploration, creativity and most importantly: cooperation! It was also very important for us to choose a game design that would allow us to have an open, community-centric and iterative development, filled with a large amount of further possible improvements based on feedback from the community.

And, yes, it’ll be DRM-free and all that. But why are they crowdfunding? Here they are again:

We have developed the game on our own funds so far, it has been quite a ride and we are happy with what we achieved. But now, to be able to finish the game and embody all of our ideas, we will need your help!

We will use the money for:

*Software licenses: as a startup company, we are missing some tools and softwares to get the job done, and these are really expensive
*Hosting: because our game is focused on cooperation and community, we will need to host good forums, maintain databases and such things
*Multiplayer: it takes time and iterations to balance a multiplayer game and we want to make it as perfect as possible
*Music & Audio: we hired a sound artist to work on our title and we will still need him for the rest of the development
*Surviving: paying rent, food, and sustain two full time developers for one more year (at least!)

Pledge premiums include the game itself, t-shirts, art books, and more. There’s an alpha version you can download and try. And if you want to back the project, click here for the Indiegogo page.

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