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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 8/12

This week in Pickstarter we’re taking a look at the projects of two recent podcast guests, a documentary about the man who brought us our favorite fowl while we were growing up, and a “Kling-y” film.

Pick #1 – John K’s Cans Without Labels

John Kricfalusi helped shape the senses of humor of many people discovering their personalities in the early ’90s with his creations Ren and Stimpy. Now he wants to bring his character George Liquor to the internet age with new shorts. Loosely based on his Dad and other authority figures that fascinate him, Cans Without Labels is the tale of two of George Liquor’s nephews trying to survive a game of eating whatever comes in the low-priced mystery cans from the supermarket. Check out our full interview with him about “Cans Without Labels” here and his episode of the Nerdist podcast. We hate to call anyone names, but if you don’t dig this, you’re an “eeeeediot!”

Pick#2 – I Am Big Bird

It doesn’t matter where or when you grew up, there was one constant for all of us: Big Bird. He taught us about life, the ABCs, and, in his feature film, the true meaning of family. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Big Bird isn’t real. Only one man, however, was able to make us believe he was for all of these years: Caroll Spinney. Caroll plays both Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street, and the filmmakers at Copperpot Pictures want to let you get to know him better. In this case A is for Awesome.

Pick #3 – Bad Planet

We were happy to discover, on the Nerdist podcast and in a follow-up interview, that Thomas Jane is just as cool in real life as we had always hoped he would be. One of the most well-known fanboys in Hollywood, he’s constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to be storyteller. His latest venture is an episodic game based on his comic book creation Bad Planet. You take control of the Convict as he attempts to get revenge on the alien race that destroyed his planet, just as they’re beginning an assault on ours. Did someone say Grand Theft Planet? We’re in!

Pick #4 –Through the Fire – Life After Star Trek

Don’t let the title of this project’s Kickstarter page fool you. This movie is not a documentary about Michael Dorn’s life after Star Trek. While we would definitely watch that, this is film is going to be a romantic indie that just happens to feature a lot of the Trek actors we know and love in a light in which we may not often get to see them. Dorn will be jumping behind the camera on a tale about a Broadway actress and a theater critic who can’t stop thinking about each other. Michael Dorn has done well by us for years by always returning to play Worf when we needed him. Isn’t it time we gave him something back?

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