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Pickstarter: Make Up Words and Sound Intelligent with ROOTS, A New Board Game

You know how people are always making up words by portmanteauing (not a word either) two different words? We’ve come to just accept those things as being valid and kind of go on with our day. BUT, what if there were a way you could actually construct a word out of component pieces using actual etymology and assign a meaning that totally makes sense, and is indeed irrefutable (that is to say, an actual word)? Well, that way is now totally real! The new board game Roots does exactly that, engaging people’s brains by taking root prefixes and suffixes from Greek and Latin origins to create new words based on a meaning laid out in the center of the table.

The creators of the game, a small design studio out of Pasadena called Predicate, are looking for $10,000 to cover the manufacturing of the game, plus expansion decks and things. It’s a relatively small amount, really, considering how much your mind could be expanded. But, let’s hear what lead designer James Pianka has to say about it all.

Seems pretty rad, eh? The Kickstarter promises the game will be good for fans of social games like Apples to Apples and Taboo, creative types who might be stuck looking at the same set of thesaurus words, and teachers who want to expand the minds of their young charges.




Pledge rewards for this include thank-yous and expansion packs, the full game, handmade or carved wooden boxes, and even creative consultation. Stretch goals can get you additional cards as well, so get fundraisin’.

So, if you’re interested in games and words and acting smarter than everyone, consider donating to the Roots Kickstarter. You’ll feel scrumtrulescent or, at the bare minimum, perfectly cromulent.

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  1. Trissie says:

    I was one of the beta testers for this game and IT IS AWESOME!!!!!