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Squanch This Fan Commercial for a Pickle Rick Action Figure

It’s no secret that we love our extremely talented filmmaker pals, Sneaky Zebra! Over the years they’ve kept us in tune with pretty much every bit of incredible cosplay from around the world and have still found the time to mess around with some downright impressive VFX. And in their latest video, they’ve made us realize that a show like Rick and Morty definitely needs an official toy line.

The video harkens back to a simpler time where toy commercials made their case with little else than showing off how they work. What we get is a clean cut premise of evil rats and their leader Ratula, who need to be stopped by everyone’s favorite preserved hero, Pickle Rick.

Clearly sick of Ratula gherkin’ him around in the briny depths of the sewer, Pickle Rick smashes through a wall of stacked cans (a staple in all old school toy commercials) to take care of his foes with a Nerf dart version of his shoulder mounted laser like it’s no big dill. (See that!? THREE pickling references in one sentence, folks! I’ll be waiting by the phone, Pulitzer committee!)

A little before and after from our #Picklerick video. 🙂

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What’s most impressive about the video–other than the expertly cut Rick phrases–is how it came together with some 3D printing and some inventive toy frankenstiening (totally a verb). Pickle Rick was a painted 3D print and Ratula was an amalgam of a rat head and a wrestling figure.

What’s your favorite part of the Pickle Rick toy commercial? Think Sneaky Zebra will share their 3D print design? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Want *burp* more Rick and Morty?

Image: Sneaky Zebra

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