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Photos of Last Night’s GAME OF THRONES Are More Intense Than We Remember

Last night’s Game of Thrones featured a battle seven years in the making, and we’re still reeling. Daenerys met Jaime on the field of battle and utterly wrecked his army, Bronn was way out of his depth but handled it well, and Tyrion did a lot of staring in horror. There was fire and blood, and who could want anything more? HBO released images from last night’s episode, and they’re giving us flashbacks to the horrors of dragonfire.

Here we can see the exact moment the Lannister army realized just how hosed they were.

Robert Baratheon once said “only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field,” and it appears he was right. Even without Drogon, the Dothraki would likely have overwhelmed the Lannister forces, just with greater casualties.

What Robert should have said was “only a fool would meet a dragon literally anywhere.”

And Bronn is certainly that fool. Not only did he survive the carnage going on around him, he actually managed to get a shot off on Drogon.

A 50% accuracy rating against dragons is not too bad, considering. Though he only wounded Drogon, that’s way more than anyone else managed.

Dany’s not too happy about being grounded by Bronn.

Those people in the back are so caught up in fighting they don’t even realize the DRAGON STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO THEM. How insane is it that this battle is so heated that Drogon is a secondary threat.

Drogon’s got Jaime’s attention though. Jaime knows he can’t turn the tide of this battle, but maybe he can take out the enemy commander.

Which Tyrion thinks is a very bad idea. This episode featured an excellent use of the phrase “no, you f***ing idiot.”

But Jaime doesn’t care. He’s all “nah, fam. This is all I got.”

If you want to see all the images together, you can check out the gallery below. Otherwise, let us know what you think in the comments below that.

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Image: HBO


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