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3 Reasons Why Drogon Is the MVP of GAME OF THRONES “The Spoils of War”

Halt! This here post is dark and full of spoilers for the latest episode of Game of Thrones, “The Spoils of War.” If you haven’t watched it, turn away and head back to the Citadel to complete your homework.

“You’re a dragon. Be a dragon.”

When Lady Olenna counseled Daenerys Targaryen earlier in season seven, she told her to eschew the advice of ignorant men who follow the same paths and act like sheep. She advised the Mother of Dragons to be a goddamn dragon. Daenerys took Olenna’s wisdom to heart in “The Spoils of War” by ignoring Tyrion, her Hand, and by putting aside Jon Snow‘s cautionary words. For better or worse, she chose to make a move–a move, that like so many choices in Game of Thrones, she saw to be the best of a series of impossible and hard decisions.

Riveting as it was to watch, I don’t agree with Dany’s ride into battle and light all the things on fire technique. Like Jon pointed out, she should prove herself to be different than the harsh rulers who have come before her. She definitely needs to show she’s better than the Mad King. I have no doubt Cersei will use Dany’s actions to twist the narrative against the Targaryen and her dragons; she’ll accuse Daenerys of intending to reign with fear. In some ways, the dragons can be viewed as Daenerys’ Death Star.

But, putting aside whether it was the correct course of action to burn the Lannister army in the loot train battle (which is a lame-ass name for a battle, by the way), it happened and Drogon won the skies. Here’s why the Drogon was the MVP of the episode:


Daenerys’ trio of dragons add several advantages to her army, but their most valuable asset is fire. Huge amounts of unstoppable fire. As the largest of Dany’s children, Drogon is especially helpful in a fight. Dany’s flown on his back before, but here, she rode him into war. Drogon brought the flames and lit up the Reach and helped Daenerys win the day.

Flying It Off

While cringing about all the horses being injured in the battle and imagining what the field must smell like with all the burning hair and flesh, I found room in my anxious heart to be worried about Drogon. They took time to show Qyburn’s dragon-fighting weapon, Scorpion, in the “previously on” before the episode, so we knew it had a role to play. I peeked through my fingers when Bronn fired the elaborate bow and shot Drogon.

The dragon took a hit, yelped, and started to fall. But then he flew it off long enough to decimate the weapon. Bronn, as usual, was resilient. He and Jaime both seem to be protected by the impervious armor of plot; it’s stronger than Valyrian steel.

Protect the Mama

When Jaime saw Drogon and Daenerys in a vulnerable moment, he took his shot. Well, he tried to. Tyrion said it best, calling Jaime’s gallop towards Dany an idiot move. Jaime got in range and lifted a spear towards Daenerys, but did he really think he would get close? Drogon turned his head the instant he realized trouble was coming and spewed fire to keep Daenerys and himself safe.

Bonus: Fulfilling a Promise

Okay, this one is more about Daenerys. She is the one commanding Drogon, after all, so she gets credit for his victories. With their attack on the Lannister army, she fulfilled a season two sentiment. Back then she told the the Thirteen of Qarth, “When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!”

She’s started to lay waste to the armies of Westeros, so she can put a check mark next to that part of her mission statement, I guess?

Who or what is your pick for the MVP of the latest Game of Thrones? Drogon, Bronn, Arya? Share your choice in the comments.

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Images: HBO, Tumblr/ThatTeacherLifeTho, Fictional Dreams, Kristen, Vanessa

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