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Photographer Brings STAR WARS LEGO and Models to Life

Back in November, we showcased some amazing pictures by photographer Vesa Lehtimäki that focused on the world of Lego Star Wars. Well, Vesa has some new photos but has taken things to the next level. Along with some more awesome looking Lego shots from his book Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy, he has taken Star Wars scale models and made shots that would make you think we were invaded from a galaxy far, far, away.


Here’s the Rancor about to chow down on an unsuspecting Sandtrooper. Even if he is swallowed whole, the Trooper will still find a way to miss if he tries to fire his way out of the Rancor’s stomach.


“Mom! It’s a Snow Day! Can we go out and play?”

“Sure, Sarah. Just watch out for AT-ATs. They’re still trying to scoop up your brother.”

“Oh, Mom!”

Slave One

Here’s Slave 1 orbiting what I will assume is Jakku, because I want Boba Fett in Episode VIII. Why do I want Boba Fett in Episode VIII, you ask? Because he’s BOBA FETT.


The inside of a space slug is just as dark and ominous in Lego form as it is in the actual movie.

Boba Fett

Apparently Boba went to Target and got inspired by “Snow-Blast Spider-Man” or “Arctic-Force Batman.” Next time you’re at Target, head over to the toy aisle. I would bet money ONE of those figures actually exists.

You can check out the rest of the pictures in the gallery below, and check out ALL of Vesa’s photographs on his Flickr page here and Instagram here.

So what do you think? Are you headed out with your toys and smartphone to see if you can recreate some of these amazing photos? Let me know on Twitter or freeze your comments in carbonite down below.

IMAGES: Vesa Lehtimäki ©2015 by DK. All rights reserved; Vesa Lehtimäki 


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