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Photo of Yoda with a Saudi Arabian King Ended Up in History Textbook

:Yoda voice:

Nothing new, textbook controversies are. Remember one as strange as this, we cannot.

That’s because the under-secretary for curricula in Saudi Arabia has been fired after a new social studies book was released featuring a photo of King Faisal at a 1945 ceremony at the United Nations sitting next to Star Wars‘ Yoda.

We first came across this surreal story at Ars Technica, and while we don’t like the part about someone losing their job over a harmless mistake, we love everything else about it. The image was created in 2013 by Abdullah Al Shehri, a Saudi artist who goes by the name Shaweesh. It was part of a series he did where he inserted American pop culture icons into historic photos. Shaweesh told the BBC the picture was not meant to be disrespectful, and that he chose Yoda because he is “wise, strong, and always calm” like King Faisal. He also pointed out he had nothing to do with it ending up in the textbook.

No one seems to know how such an oversight happened, but if no one wants to take the blame for it can I take the credit? That’s the greatest textbook page ever made.

Of course we know the photo is not real for a few reasons. As a Jedi Master Yoda always tried to stay out of politics. Also, we know he never appeared at the United Nations (formed in 1945), since he died on Dagobah a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Unless he showed up as a force ghost…

Hmm, we better check the Jedi archives just in case.

What historical event do you wish Yoda was present for? Give your best suggestions you will in the comments below.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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