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Pete Holmes Turns 300, Alexi Debuts, Will Sasso Visits: The Week In Podcasts

A milestone for Pete Holmes, a new show debuted… quite a week at the Nerdist Podcast Network, so let’s get to the recap:

You Made It Weird turned 300 — episodes, that is — and Pete marked the historic occasion with Valerie in studio and Brent Sullivan on hand, too, answering your questions. Pete’s show was one of our earliest additions when we went from just the Nerdist Podcast and blog to a network and full website, so he’s been here from just about the beginning (as have I, come to think of it). And Pete and YMIW just keep getting better and better. Listen to this week’s edition and celebrate, and then enjoy the Best Of YMIW, with a truckload of memorable moments.

Illeana Douglas was Alexi Wasser’s very first guest as her podcast joined the Nerdist Podcast Network as Love, Alexi, with stories from Illeana’s new book I Blame Dennis Hopper. Alexi explained how the new show is different from Boy Crazy Radio and her excitement over joining the Nerdist stable and finally being able to interview guests face-to-face. And Illeana relates an amazing series of stories about her incredible career and life, and for once, “amazing” and “incredible” are totally earned.

Will Sasso dropped by the Nerdist Podcast to visit Chris and April Richardson and promote, well, “nothin’.” (Okay, he’s recurring on Shameless.) The conversation went into IMDB, social media, dick pics, the “splash zone” (ew), spoilers, MadTV, being Curly in The Three Stooges, and, um, more dick pics, with a guest appearance by Will as David Lee Roth. You have to be there, and you should be.

Kevin and Steve got into the spirit of the season with some Winter tales on Chewin’ It, just in time for This Year’s Storm Of The Century. (Hey, mid-Atlantic states people, be careful out there….) Coccyxes are bruised, snowballs are thrown, Bowie and Rickman and Grizzly Adams are remembered, and it’s all cozy and warm.

Lisa Friedrich, Ryan Stout, Emily Maya Mills and Nate Craig called in to Terrified to talk with Dave and Anna (“the sex people”). Also, Anna discusses auditioning, catchphrases abound, and they reveal the date of the final live Terrified.

A great bunch o’ guests joined Janet for a live The JV Club from SF Sketchfest: Veronica Belmont, Stuff You Should Know‘s Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant, and Matt Nathanson.

Dana Gould (and his two daughters) and Steve Hytner joined Arden and Eddie (Erin’s out of town… actually, so is Eddie, but he sent in his contribution from Atlanta) for some Bachelor talm on Will You Accept This Rose?, and it turns out that Eddie’s hardened heart is being worn down by the sheer majesty that is The Bachelor. Apparently, cankles were a big deal on that show this week. Even if you’re not into The Bachelor, you should listen, even for the theme song alone.

We got some good tips on how to deal with awkward personal interactions on The Jackie And Laurie Show; Jackie and Laurie have their methods of reminding people who they are. Also. we learned what “mingling wrinkles” means, and found out the criteria by which female comics get TV specials, which is… a little depressing, actually, and the disappointment at not making year-end lists that don’t matter anyway.

Artist, TV host, and putter-of-things-together-with-other-things Chris Hackett got lost with Kurt on The K Ohle, which seems appropriate, since Chris’ old series on the Science Channel was all about going to weird locations and finding interesting stuff. The talk on the way is worth the listen.

The news that a Tesla software update now lets the cars park themselves drew Alison and Alex’s attention on a tech-talk-filled Half Hour Happy Hour. Somehow, a penis got involved, again, but this one’s a custom job. And the Los Angeles Rams, which gets Alison talking about going to the Super Bowl at the Meadowlands.

Jenna got into some trouble being the bottleneck during boarding on a busy flight filled with Clemson fans, and we heard all about that on the first Kicking and Screaming for 2016. Bodhi talks about how couples’ sexual activity changes over time, which leads to a hotel room and more information than you’d get from most celebrity couples. Also, there are height issues, and Bodhi wants plaudits for managing to get seven seats together on a Southwest flight, which is pretty incredible, actually.

Jamie Lee brought some facts to Today We Learned as she promotes her series 10 Things on TruTV. Razzle was on Jamie’s show, it turns out. Huh. And we learned about the cat who hated child Jamie and how she didn’t know that fact, and the mystery of specialty stores, and the joy of Mallrats, and alcoholic root beer… you know, the usual stuff.

Jeremiah Watkins made a return appearance on a bittersweet yet funny edition of The Todd Glass Show.

Movie tie-in game music was the theme for The Legacy Music Hour Mixtape.

Bowser soloed on Bizarre States, so, yes, more updates from his backyard, plus your emails and movie reviews.

Acting coach Scott Sedita offered more inspiration on Pro You, nominated as a guest by another guest and telling about his life and career and how he went from writing to becoming one of L.A.’s top acting teachers.

The Writers Panel featured the creators and executive producer of Starz’ Black Sails as the series heads into its third season on Saturday.

Comic/writer Steve Mazan took the couch on Cash Withdrawal. Somehow, the TV career of Michael Strahan becomes a topic — it’s all in the teeth, and getting drafted by the Giants, and being really good on a Super Bowl champion, so it can happen to anyone. So they go in depth on luck, and talent, and Pete Rose, and Mike Piazza, and Steve’s swimming career.

Pretty impressive stuff. And you can hear it all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. So do, please.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: TBS

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