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Peak Internet: BB-8 Discovers Kittens Follow The Dark Side

From the Internet that brought you puppies playing with BB-8 comes the highly anticipated sequel: kittens playing with BB-8.

In what is easily the greatest cinematic follow-up since The Godfather 2, Vanity Fair has once again let our new favorite droid, BB-8 from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, roam free to play with some adorable little animals—but this time the results are much darker.

Unlike the puppies that recoiled in fear or danced along in glee, the kittens followed their feelings to the Dark Side of the Force. BB-8 never stood a chance, losing his head in an epic battle that once again proved cats are much cooler than dogs. It’s true; I don’t want to hear it. Who was cooler: Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader? Well Luke was a puppy and Darth was a cat. That’s just science.

Besides being an adorable video, all of the cats are up for adoption from the Humane Society of New York. How often can you adopt a kitten that has already earned the moniker “Darth Kitty?” If you are worried about one of them breaking your new toy, don’t worry, you can easily pop BB-8’s head back on.

Because everything about this is great, here are some GIFs to make life better.




We’ve become a little obsessed with BB-8, and these videos are just confirmation our infatuation is warranted. In fact, we need lots more videos of our rotund little droid frolicking with other cute animals. How about some hamsters? Maybe a few hedgehogs? What animal would you like to see interact with him next? Tell us in the comments.

HT: Vanity Fair

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