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PC Gamer at PAX

That thing called PAX Prime just finished up, and in between hating myself for living on the wrong side of the pond and thus not getting to go there, I spotted this thing of beauty. Press conferences have always existed, but this is the first PC-game-centric conference. This makes me happy, because consoles are for the lower people in society balance is key.

There’s more info here. I’m just enjoying watching the Mojang games break on stage.

Open question: Consoles or PC? I’m primarily a PC guy, because I built this thing with my bare hands (silicon and all. I’m just that badass). I keep my hand in with the consoles, but only so much as I’m aware of the big releases.

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  1. Kedj says:

    I too am a PC gamer, LOVE the mod community, and when I’ve beaten an RPG once or twice there’s almost ALWAYS an easy to use save game editor to spice up another play through. I know those things can be used for consoles now a days but you still need a PC to screw w/ the saved game on the console, or to mod it. And as for games that are better w/ controllers (3rd person action games like Prototype, Devil May Cry, etc.) just plug in a 360 controller and Ur good to go.

  2. SpecialS4uc3 says:

    PC is really the way to go, While they have a higher initial cost the availability of games that range from cheap to free more than makes up for it. Raptr shows me having 84 titles. With console pricing structure that’s about 5000$ worth. With Steam it is a tiny fraction of that. When I bought Arkham Asylum as a new release for 45$ it came bundled with the entire Eidos library. That means close to a quarter of those games cost only 45$. That’s just an example. Not to mention games like LoL that are just… free. A competent PC costs about 800$, games cost almost nothing. It’s a good deal.

  3. @humanprototype0 says:

    I like a mouse and keyboard for the added control but in my setup that doesn’t outweigh the loss of comfort from being hunched over a desk. Consoles excel at ease of use and comfort but the notion that gaming PCs are too expensive and hard to setup and operate is just false. I game on a three year old machine with an e2200 dual-core and an HD4670 that I built for under $400. It will still play any new game on medium high settings. The initial cost for PC gaming might be higher but PC versions of games are always cheaper and there are deals and sales going on all the time so in the long run I think console gaming is more expensive.

    tl;dr They both have pros and cons.

  4. Patrick Rose says:

    By the way, I spent ~£500 on my machine about 2 years ago, and I’ve only added a new card beginning of this year for another £150. I don’t expect to touch it again until the beginning of next year.

  5. James King says:

    What I love about PC gaming is that almost all decent/worth having titles come out on it, regardless of console. Also, RTS’s are on the PC, and I couldn’t live without them.

    As far as upgrades go, every 3 years I buy a new good graphics card (and sometimes a bit more ram ~£25), at a mere £150. Not much for a next-generation console every 3 years eh?

  6. PapaFrita says:

    The nice thing about owning a PC is knowing that people will still develop games that you can play with your current hardware. There will always be games that introduce new milestones in graphics, but there will always be innovative titles like Minecraft, World of Goo, etc. that will work on almost any machine. The XBox arcade has some elements of this, but the versatility of a PC platform is why I’ve never bothered buying consoles. Besides, that’s what friends are for. 😉

  7. Zenjack says:

    I would love to be a PC guy as well as a console guy but I don’t have the money for constant upgrades and whatnot. Also I really like just being able to slip a disk in and play.

  8. @Dangallf says:

    Always been a PC Gamer, ever since toying with my Commodore 64 way back in the 80’s. Consoles are fun, sure, but they don’t allow that sense of community you get in PC gaming or that depth, aLa Baldurs Gate, Planescape. Console games always seemed dumbed down to me.

  9. Josh says:

    Whats a Mojang ? 😛

  10. Cates says:

    At some point are we going grow up? PC’s have their pros and cons just like consoles. I agree that a keyboard and mouse is my preffered method, but it’s hard to compete with paying $400-$600 once every few years as opposed to paying that every few months.

  11. Nrrrdking says:

    I was there! It was a good show. PC games are and will be for a long time to come, the best gaming platform for true game enthusiasts. It seems that all the real innovation (i.e. non-gimmick-motion-controller-bs) still comes from the PC world. Minecraft and Portal saw their genesis on the PC platform.
    Nevermind that some genres (RTS, FPS, Civ Games) are clearly superior on the PC and don’t even get me STARTED on indie games. srsly.

  12. loofmodnar says:

    I’m a former PC gamer who mostly plays console now. It’s just easier. No upgrading components, manual patching or weird driver issues to deal with anymore. Multiplayer was a big part of my reasons to switch since most of my friends aren’t upgrading their PCs.

    Although I will say, the mouse and KB are still my preferred method of input.