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Stream Paramore’s New Album AFTER LAUGHTER Right Now

Stream Paramore’s New Album AFTER LAUGHTER Right Now

Update May 12: You can now stream the entirety of Paramore’s latest record, After Laughter below.

We’ve heard rumblings from Hayley Williams over the last few years, but Paramore fans haven’t heard new material from the band since 2013’s eponymous record. Now, seven years after the infamously acrimonious departure of the Farro brothers, Zac Farro, the band’s founding drummer has reunited with Paramore ahead of their new album, After Laughter. Listen to the new single, “Hard Times,” below.

Following the infectiously poppy trajectory of their previous record, “Hard Times” is an angular, disco-inflected, rock gem that turns the plight of its subject matter into soaring, iridescent anthem. Paramore have always mined microcosmic personal struggle since their 2005 debut, but its refreshing to hear the band to invert the tone of the accompanying instrumentation, defying “a little rain cloud hanging over my head” to ruin more important things. The music video’s set echoes this as a car accident, barren trees, and DIY thunderclouds yield to bright pastel colors, while the band looks like they’re wearing the clothing from Blondie’s Parallel Lines. Instead of wallowing in the dark, a temptingly simple distraction, Paramore are more interested in turning the lights on.


After Laughter debuts May 12 via Fueled By Ramen, with an accompanying tour to be announced shortly after. Check above for the album’s artwork, which might have been done by M.C. Escher if he had grown up a century later, and below for the full tracklist. Let us know what you think about Paramore’s return on Twitter.

After Laughter Tacklist:

01 Hard Times
02 Rose-Colored Boy
03 Told You So
04 Forgiveness
05 Fake Happy
06 26
07 Pool
08 Grudges
09 Caught In The Middle
10 Idle Worship
11 No Friend
12 Tell Me How

Featured Image: Fueled By Ramen

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