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OUTLANDER Recap: ♬ Lallybroch, Lallybroch Ooh Lally Lally Lally ♬

Hi-ho! Welcome to our recap of Saturday night’s episode of Outlander. In order to discuss it, though, it means spoiling the crap outta anyone who has yet to watch the latest, “Lallybroch.” So don’t say we didn’t warn you all first, mmkay?

Well, Outlander certainly didn’t shy away from pulling out the dramatics tonight, did they? Even with all that happened in last week’s “The Devil’s Mark,” the show still managed to give us some major revelations about our characters and introduce someone that’s sure to become your new fan favorite — hi Jenny Fraser! — if you’re anything like me and appreciate badass broads who don’t take shit.

First and foremost, Jenny Fraser’s entrance into the timey-wimey world that is the story of Claire Beauchamp-turned-Fraser. Jamie’s sister has been tending house while Jamie was out and away doing who-knows-what for four years. And being the tried-and-true Scotslady that she is, she’s less than keen to meet Claire, the English bride of her laird-to-be brother.

But Jamie’s even less keen on discovering that Jenny has a four-year-old child named after him. The bastard of her having been raped by Black Jack Randall? Not so fast, Jamie boy! According to Jenny, we find out later, Black Jack had started to lay down his rape-y plans but got deterred when Jenny began laughing at him when he couldn’t get it up. Laughter: the best medicine and greatest protector, it seems. Who knew? Anyway, as it turns out Jamie’s best friend growing up, Ian, is the father — both of the wee one and the baby bairn-to-be. The two were married shortly after Jamie took that first flogging and disappeared to France. Ian himself lost a leg in the war but he’s smitten with the headstrong Jenny and the two have a really solid relationship going. We love it when an ending is happy. And at least for now, it is for those two.

Though Claire’s less than keen on how Jamie handled the situation — no one likes a Rude Rueben! — or how he’s handling anything, really, that comes his way at Lallybroch. Trying to slide back into his duties as the lord of his family’s land has thrown Jamie for a bit of a loop, and he’s trying to emulate what he expects the people want of him rather than simply being himself. The internal struggle is real for our fair ginger — and that’s not the only way in which it is.

In what was perhaps the most shocking (but also completely sensical after he explained it) reveal, Jamie confessed to his own intimate relationship with Black Jack Randall after the floggings: the ruthless army man propositioned Jamie. Because apparently everyone — literally everyone — wants to sleep with Jamie Fraser: Claire, Laoghaire, the Duke of Sandringham, the audience …and now Black Jack Randall. (The boy does have sex appeal.) It makes SO much sense when you consider Black Jack’s ruthless drive and use of sex as a weapon and bargaining chip rather than a method of intimate pleasure and human connection. Of course he’s a total closet case. It’s sad, really, when you think about it. And surely Jamie’s threshold for pain coupled with his unbridled humanity and moral center holds big appeal — these two sadists are two sides of one very kinky coin.

But it was a united hatred of Black Jack — and the realization that he was the cause of all their suffering, not each other — that ultimately helped Jenny and Jamie reconcile their issues. You see, Jenny and Jamie both harbored a lot of guilt about their father’s death: Jamie thinking it was his own fault, and Jenny thinking it was hers (and also a little bit Jamie’s). But once she saw the scars on his back, she realized just how bad it was for both of them. Their apologies to one another in the graveyard was a sweet moment of sibling bonding — and the mental toll it took on both of them was a veritable gulf.

Overall it was a fairly plot-heavy affair, laying the groundwork for the back half of episodes. And though there was a dearth of Claire in the story overall, we’re excited to see where her relationship with Jenny goes. Clearly these are two women cut from the same cloth — it actually gives us a lot more insight into Jamie when you see the two of them and their strengths side-by-side — and their ferocious, can-do attitudes would be a force to be reckoned with if only they’d try to get along. Now that they’ve cleared the air regarding Jamie’s father’s death, though, something tells us those two are going to get straight-up dynamic in their dealings.

…Particularly now that we’ve got some rando guy holding a gun to Jamie’s head.

What’d you think of the episode? Let us hear it in the comments!

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