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Our Powers Combined! Use Your Nerdiness for Good This Earth Day

Greetings, my fellow inhabitants of 2814. Earth Day is once again upon us –  a day to come together in support of the environment, our planet, and its wildlife – and we’re calling a sector meeting!

Back in 1970, things were harsh, man. Hendrix died, The Beatles released what would be their last album, and in the throes of ‘Nam, air pollution was commonly accepted as the “smell of prosperity.” But out of the sludge of leaded gas, and after a horrible oil spill, Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson had an idea: if millions of young people could come together to talk about war, why not bring them together to help the environment? Nelson was the Captain Planet of his time, and his Planeteers, all 20 million of them, helped usher in the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. We’ve come a long way since, but we’re still far, far away from where we need to be. Even narwhals (narwhals!) can’t escape the melting sea ice, rhino poaching has reached an all-time high, and there are now over seven billion hungry humans.

Heard it all before? Well, what are you going to do about it? Here’s a list of Captain-approved nerd gear and activities for the 2015 Planeteer.

Earth! DIY Dalek Composter from Sham Gabbit

Image: Sham Gabbit

Composting not only helps regenerate poor soils, but it also combats pollution. It has been shown to bind heavy metals and prevent them from migrating to water resources or being absorbed by plants. The compost process degrades and, in some cases, completely eliminates preservatives, and pesticides that could be harmful to wildlife. There’s a reason that institutions like Cornell University back the practice. Remember that whole seven billion people thing? Well, it’s a problem. Landfills are filling up, so rather than send organic material like food scraps to the trash compactor (no one likes to be stuck there), get your Pinterest on and feed it to your hungry Dalek compost bin.

Fire! Sat Eco-119 fire-dousing grenade by Bonex

Sniff, sniff …Where have you been all my life? Bonex’s anti-fire bomb is the perfect device for the air-bender in all of us. The grenade essentially works like a reverse Molotov cocktail, combining ammonium phosphate dibasic and ammonium bicarbonate to achieve an extinguishing capacity 10-times that of water, as you can see in the video above. It sounds scary, but the solution is non-toxic and safe for use even by the very young and the very old.

At $109.00, these puppies don’t come cheap, but fear-not. If you aren’t ready to drop a Benjamin on an anti-fire bomb, you can still do your part by being fire safe this summer, and checking the extinguisher in your home. Fires are devastating to wildlife, and human activity was one of the leading causes last year – let’s not have a repeat.

Wind! Help the High-Flyers & Build Your Own Bat Cave

The Dawn of Justice stars might be going dark and moody for the film, but off set Monsieur Affleck and company are doing their part to ensure a bright future for wildlife. Led by director Zack Snyder, the crew is teaming up with the Organization for Bat Conservation (OBC) to build desperately needed hutches for bats threatened by habitat loss, climate change and disease. Bats should be as important to all of us as they are to our latest Bruce Wayne. They have a bad rep, but these high-flyers are a crucial component of a healthy ecosystem. A single bat can eat a metric shit-ton of bugs – up-to 1200 insects per hour – so unless we’re ready for a bugpolcalypse, we can’t let them die off.

To learn more about the project, including how to build a home for the bats near you, head on over to OBC HQ! You can also follow the campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #savethebats.

Water! Reduce emissions with the Quadrofoil Electric Water Craft


Because we all have $18,000 to go joyriding on a mechanical insect (don’t kill my dreams). The Quadrafoil water craft is the first battery-powered personal water craft that not only addresses emissions, but with its silent motor, it also reduces noise pollution. In the oceans, where travel distances can be long and visibility short, many animal species rely on sound to communicate, navigate, and find food. As you can imagine, the noise caused by boats and small crafts like jet-skis can be problematic for marine life. The lift is created by its hydrofoils helps reduce surface disturbance, and potentially collisions with surface-dwelling animals.

There’s also a free way to help out this Earth Day: Become your own moisture farmer. Droughts suck (we’re looking at you, Califonia), and everyone should be leaving rainwater catch bowls outside. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with excess rainfall, fill the bowl with marbles, to create a perfect watering hole for bees!



This one’s pretty simple. We can’t begin to make changes if we can’t work together. So don’t be an asshole.

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