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Our Favorite Marvin the Martian Custom Funko Dorbz from SDCC

Of all the things we’ve most been looking forward to at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, checking out the charity team-up between Funko and Warner Bros. Consumer Products has been at the top of our list. That’s because they came together for a fantastic art project, a custom Marvin the Martian space clones Dorbz exhibit.

They asked a bunch of super talented artists to craft their own 11.5-inch Marvin clone, but making matters better is that all of them are up for auction, with proceeds going to the California Institute of the Arts. After seeing them in person at the Funko pop-up shop at 448 West Market Street, we can tell you the hype was real, because they are out of this world. (We don’t care if terrible puns make you “very angry.”)

Marvin Martian Funko Dorbz by Cristian Sanchez

We obviously have a special fondness for our own Nerdist contribution, from Legendary Digital Entertainment’s Caleb Drewel, but here are just a few of our other favorites, which you can bid on even if you aren’t in San Diego this weekend.

Things got dark right away, but in a good way, thanks to this Batman version by Jim Lee (@JimLeeArt).


We’re craving a Scooby Snack after seeing Mel Copes’ (@ mel_copes) good hungry doggo Marvin.


And Scooby isn’t alone, thanks to this Fred Jones version of Marvin (trust us he’s under there) from Jeremy Walker.


We don’t know why we never thought of it before, but David Bowie and Marvin the Martian makes for a perfect match, per Anna Holguin (@annaholguin21).


We were “blown away” by this Marvin made by Josh Mayhem’s (@joshmayhem1).


Artist JAKe (@jakedetonator) made a beautiful Marvin tribute to famed Looney Tunes animation director Chuck Jones.


We have a feeling the Marvin painted by artist Turan (@sonertattooer) will be gone in a Flash.


Patrick Gleason (@patrickgleasonstudio) brought Dr. Manhattan to San Diego.


We’re dying to get our hands on this Día de Muertos Marvin from Jonathan Milan.


Pink has never been more badass than with this Pink Skull Marvin by Manu Faves (@ManuFaves).


So while our terrible puns might rightfully make you very angry, there’s no way the people who win these charity auctions will be anything but over the moon for these Marvin the Martian space clones.

Remember, you can bid on these and a lot more, all for a good cause.

Which of these do you most want to have in your home? Tell us in the comments below.

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