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Marvin the Martian’s Funko Dorbz Clones Are Coming to SDCC!

In just a few days, Comic-Con International is coming back to San Diego…but only if Marvin the Martian doesn’t succeed in his ongoing efforts to unleash a doomsday device on the Earth. Fortunately, Marvin’s plans never work, and his latest attempt has only succeeded in creating dozens of adorable space clones!

Warner Bros. and Funko have teamed up for a new animated short, Space Clones! Invasion: Phase 1, which follows Marvin the Martian as he prepares to use his new Illudium PU-2 Replicator on his doomsday device to render several identical devices. Earth has always survived his previous attempts, and Marvin clearly wants to hedge his bets with his handheld cloning device. Unfortunately for Marvin, a few errant shots from the Replicator have had some unforeseen consequences. Now, Marvin’s clones have become Funko Dorbz, and they’ve got their own ideas about how to handle the Earth and Marvin himself.

Before Marvin can say, “This makes me very angry!” the space clones are off to Earth! More specifically, they’re coming to Comic-Con, and you may have noticed a familiar logo at the end of that video–ours! Nerdist and Conival have also joined forces with Funko on this project.

Later this week, several one-of-a-kind Marvin the Martian Funko Dorbz will be going up for auctions that will benefit CalArts’ scholarship programs. And we’re debuting our contribution right now!

Marvin Martian Funko Dorbz by Cristian Sanchez


This Marvin the Martin Funko Dorbz was hand painted by our very own Caleb Drewel: a designer, illustrator, and animator for Legendary Digital Networks. You’ve probably seen his work here on Nerdist, as well as Geek & Sundry, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, and Alpha. But Caleb isn’t the only contributor to this project. Warner Bros. Consumer Products invited several other artists, influencers, and personalities to paint their own unique Marvin the Martin Funko Dorbz, which will also be up for auction.

Keep an eye out for more information about the Marvin the Martin Funko Dorbz auctions, and keep watching the skies–it never hurts, unless you’re staring at the sun.

What do you think about the Marvin the Martin Funko Dorbz animated short? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Funko

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