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ORPHAN BLACK Recap: To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings Clone Diaries

Orphan Black is so deliciously deceptive. Isn’t it? Every week we, the audience, come into the latest episode with the misconception that finally a bit of concrete insight into this harried world of human cloning might be revealed. And by the end of those very tension-filled 60 minutes, the previous week’s morsels of truth get caught up in even more crumbs of confusion, further darkening the shady deals and doings of the religious and governmental orders hoping to take back control of everyone’s favorite sestrahood like no other. It absolutely fucking rules.

After last week’s killer episode, “Ipsa Scientia Potestas,” our conspiracy theory-loving hearts were positively stuffed to the gills with new information to obsessed and speculate on. But it was during Saturday’s sixth installment of season two, “To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings,” that we were finally introduced to some real, concrete-seeming information about the origins of Project LEDA. (Or, perhaps we should say, the Cold River Breeding Study?) Which was handy considering how everything else that we once thought we knew was burned to the ground. Again! Double deceptions, potential killers, and a new maybe-clone-baby on the way? YOU’RE KILLING US IN THE BEST WAY, ORPHAN BLACK. There is clearly a lot more at play here than even what we thought just last week. But we would expect nothing less on this trip.

But the biggest question is, of course: what did the clones think about all of this? Read on to find out — we have a fair share of follow-ups at the end.

So much happenings. Road trip with my sestra to Cold River to get the swan man. When she leave me alone (because she always leave me alone, why must she do this?), I made a boyfriend, his name is Jesse. He has nice hat but his arms are not very strong.

After I get arrested, sestra no come get me, but Gracie who tried to kill me and Prolethean family did. They said I could have my babies. I would like to have them and make family of my own. We shall see.
Just when I thought rehab couldn’t get any worse, Sarah’s absolutely abhorrent excuse for an ex, Vic, shows up. I mean honestly! How am I supposed to cope with my own issues and survive the next however many days in here when I’ve got Sarah’s old problems breathing down my neck. He’s just so, so, I don’t know — urban!

His little Buddha routine isn’t fooling me, oh no, no, no. I know better than to believe all that. I’ve been at this racket far too long to be so naive as all that. Not anymore. No one like him believes in stuff like that. Not really. It’s just yet another deception in the lie that’s become my life. I cannot escape all the liars! Donnie won’t even bring the kids to see me. It’s horrible. As much as I hate to agree with him on anything, Vic was right — I am working hard in here! (OK sort of. Or maybe not really at all. But I mean I don’t have to: I’m not a drunk!) It’s a bit bizarre to see a familiar-ish face in here — even if that face saw the business end of my pepper spray can (I don’t think he’s really all that over it, to be honest). I guess I feel bad about that. I suppose it’s all relative considering the half-stump that is his hand now, though. Poor fella. Wait did I just write that? Oh golly.

Well for better or for worse, Scott is here and working on the clone study. Much to my chagrin. I honestly can’t believe Leekie hired him so quickly and without mentioning it to me — what gives? Why is he being weirdly elusive these days? If I’m working lead on this project I should have way more say and insight than he’s giving me. Right? I don’t know how comfortable I am about Scott being here and being so close to, well, the truth, but at least he’s someone that’s on my side should it come to that. I mean, at least I think he is. Oh fuck it, who knows anymore.

The stem cell test results are showing decent signs but are still in their very early stages. I’m hopeful but I’m not being unrealistic, either: I know my chances are pretty much unknown. To say nothing of the incredibly complex nature of my genetic make-up that even we don’t know all the answers to. (God that lost genome really pisses me off more than anything.) Hopefully Sarah can find more answers — wherever she is. I have to admit it was really good to talk to her — I wish she didn’t have to run off and do so much of this on her own. Sometimes being nothing more than a geek monkey really sucks.
What the hell, man: this shite is exhausting. Just when I think I’m coming up on the answers to how the hell we all came into existence, I’m met with even more damn questions. Helena and I went up to Cold River (she called it the place of screams or something, I think? Always with the riddles that one) and not only did she manage to get herself arrested — you really would think she’d be better at that, we are related after all — I managed to find the elusive swan man: complete with Mrs. bloody S as his body guard. Of freaking course.

I’m really starting to get sick of her deal, man. She’s known this whole time and just, what, didn’t say anything? Played dumb? Decided to see what would happen? I don’t even have the words for her, man. Seriously. She’s really something else. I’m so glad I got Kira away from her. Who even knows what she would’ve done to her. I don’t know if I’ll ever believe another word that woman ever says. Ever. Nothing she does or says will surprise me anymore, not after that Ethan Duncan run-in. Or Andrew Peckham or whatever his real name is. There was something seriously off with him and all those damn birds (seriously though — what’s up with all the birds and birdwatchers surrounding this? It’s strange). He seemed…addled. I can’t believe this man was Rachel’s father.

His revelation about Leekie wasn’t really all that surprising. Not after everything else. That’s something Cos should probably be let in on. I should call her later. She’s one I’m worried about. I really hope this “treatment” Leekie’s got her on is going to actually, you know, work. And fix all of this. I wonder if Ethan/Andrew/Whatever the hell his name is and his accusation that Leekie killed his wife is true. Lord knows everything about this damn fiasco that’s my life is, in the very least, complicated.

I should call Art and see what the deal is with getting Helena out of jail. Man that Meathead nickname has proven itself to be way too accurate.

Theories, Thoughts, and Things
– First of all: of course Helena knows all the words to “Candy Girl.” C’mon, Sarah. Of course our queen of Jell-O and sugar packets knows that one song.
– Her desire to have babies is equal parts terrifying and sad.
– I hate that she’s so sad and lonely that she’d even consider going back to the Proletheans so willingly.
– Her little love affair with Suits‘ resident OB superfan, Patrick J. Adams, was adorable though.
– Can someone please just hug Helena forever? WHERE’S KIRA WHEN YOU NEED HER?!
– Scott’s whole thing about there being a niece or daughter: unless there’s another sibling or clone relative out there, which seems unlikely.
– But if there isn’t: Was Mrs. S involved in all of this?
– Oh my goodness do we think Mrs. S is a Neolutionist?
– When you think about it, it would make sense for her to be a Neolutionist…
– She was a punk anarchist after all, and Neolution is all about self-directed evolution.
– Feels pretty up her alley, no?
– Vic and Ang are working together to get more information about Alison, which can clearly only mean trouble, right?
– This is not going to end well. Most likely for Ang of everyone, though.
– And I’d like to go on record saying that Alison is TOTALLY going to sleep with Vic. Likelihood is at 100%.
– By the by: anyone else think that Donnie’s face when he saw Vic was one of recognition?
BOMBSHELL OF THE EPISODE: When Andrew/Ethan said “we weren’t the only implant team.” YOU GUYS THERE ARE MORE CLONES OUT THERE. This really opens the floodgates for this series good LORD.
SECOND BOMBSHELL OF THE EPISODE: The DYAD hijacked Project LEDA from the government!
– (Again, that feels very anarchistic. Score another one for the Neolutionists and likely-Neo-type, Mrs. S!)
– “Cold River Breeding Study” sounds incredibly creepy, doesn’t it?
– This cloning stuff has clearly been going on for A LONG, LONG TIME. I doubt that Sarah and the girls are the first attempt.
– Also, there’s clearly something going on in Sarah and Helena’s DNA that makes them special. That whole “experiments on unknown children and the surrogate who ran away” line from Mrs. S to Ethan/Andrew all but confirmed that, right?
– Which would link back to Kira’s special healing business and Helena’s inability to actually die.
– ALSO WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT that Mrs. S and Paul scene. “Afghanistan would’ve all have been for naught.”
– Oh so you know about this, eh, Mrs. S?
– Also Paul scheming with Mark was unexpected. Are the Proletheans and Neolutionists in some sort of weird civil war for the future of humanity?
– The biggest loser of the evening is clearly poor Felix, who has gone “from babysitter to bargaining chip” and doesn’t seem to like his ever-shifting roles all that much. Not that we blame him at ALL.
– We’re glad he has Art at least.
– Although we’re going to have to watch out for Art as he went FULL Carrie Mathison this episode.
– That always ends really well for people.

So, with the information that the DYAD is a Hydra (no, not that kind, ya dorks), who do you think is really in control of the clones right now? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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  1. RG says:

    This show would make a great comic book… but it’s losing me. They don’t seem to have a plan, and while that’s not always bad, the high-energy, fast-paced, music-always-playing thing works against it severely. If we’re gonna meander, fine… but that requires better direction and a little breathing room, not cutting away immediately after every scene.