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ORPHAN BLACK Playlists: Be A Hangry Firecracker Like Helena

Everyone has a favorite serial murder-person, right? (Or is that just us?) A few years ago, we may have had a different answer but thanks to Orphan Black we are head over heels for Helena, the feral Ukrainian religious wingnut with a childlike heart of gold. Considering the fact that she was raised in such a hateful, ugly environment by an extremist cult that told her she was a damn abomination, she really is the sweetest sort, isn’t she? Though at first she is a killer the clones all did well to fear, finding her twin sestra Sarah Manning sort of changed everything for Helena. Finally a family — a real one — where she felt she belonged. That’s when Helena’s childlike, dark comedic personality really began to shine. I mean who could forget that roadtripping sestra singalong, right?

By putting a little love in Helena’s heart, she became an integral part of the Clone Club rather than an erratic, self-mutilating trained assassin with a sweet tooth: she became a playful sort of psycho with moments of brash unsettledness. Oh and did we mention she’s hungry, like, all the time? An angry angel turned good, our dear, sweet, Helena has grown leaps and bounds since her introduction to the sestrahood like no other and for that she deserves a playlist that shows the true breadth of her personality.

First we begin with a few vintage twee songs and other classics that may well have been “super sunshine hits.” And then the final playlist of our first Orphan Black clone playlist series takes a turn and becomes a little more sinister track by track. Check it out below.

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  1. Aj says:

    Imogen Heap’s “Angry Angel” would be first on my Helena playlist!