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Original NOVA Returns to Marvel, Plus More SDCC Comics News

We are three days into San Diego Comic-Con, and all the major publishers have had their share of big announcements coming from the convention. So without further ado, let’s get started with today’s special All-SDCC Editon of Comics Relief, with great news for fans of Marvel’s original Nova….

Original Nova Richard Rider Returns in New Marvel NOW! Series

After much fan demand, the original Nova is coming back to the pages of Marvel Comics — the publisher has confirmed that Richard Rider, who was the original starting Nova way back in the ’70s, will be returning in the relaunched Nova series as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. This news was confirmed at Friday’s private Retailer Presentation at SDCC. Richard Rider will star in the book alongside the latest character to bear the name Nova, Sam Alexander, who has been the solo star of the most recent previous Nova series. Sam Alexander will also be seen in the upcoming Champions series. Nova is scheduled to launch later this year. [Newsarama]

Optimus Prime Receives His Own Ongoing Series at IDW

He’s arguably the icon of the entire Transformers toy and cartoon line-up, and now he’s finally getting a comic book all his own. Announced at SDCC, leader of the Autobots Optimus Prime is getting an ongoing comic book series from publisher IDW, written by John Barber with art by Kei Zama.  It seems as if the new series  will be set on Earth, as it’s described with the following synopsis — “Optimus Prime has declared Earth to be under his protection—and this November, he’ll have to face the consequences.” You can see preliminary art for the new Optimus Prime series above. [Bleeding Cool]

Wonder Woman Gets Commemorative Stamps for her 75th Anniversary

It’s all about the Amazing Amazon at this year’s Comic-Con, as DC Comics is celebrating 75 years of Wonder Woman. As part of the big celebration, DC has teamed up with the US Postal Service to honor the character with a new set of Forever Stamps. Diana’s diamond anniversary is celebrated on the stamps with a trip through her history, starting with her golden anniversary to today.

The new stamps will come in a sheet of 20, depicting Wonder Woman during four eras of comic book history: Golden Age (1941–55), Silver Age (1956–72), Bronze Age (1973–86) and Modern Age (1987–present). This will be Wonder Woman’s second time on a postage stamp, as back in 2006, she appeared with other DC Comics icons on a series of stamps honoring the publisher. [DC Comics]

IDW Continues Crossovers With DC Comics in 2017

The successful relationship in recent years of publishers DC Comics and IDW will continue into 2017, as both companies plan to make sequels to their recent well received collaborations. Announced at SDCC, a follow up to Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is on its way, along with another Green Lanetern/Star Trek crossover. IDW’s Greg Goldstein said in a statement, “We’re very happy to extend our ongoing relationship with DC with these iconic characters in new storylines. Fans who enjoyed the previous series will enjoy the fun, new adventures we have in store for these upcoming titles.”

The creative team of Mike Johnson and Angel Hernandez will reteam for a second Green Lantern/Star Trek crossover, while writer Matthew K. Manning (Beware the Batman) and artist Jon Sommariva (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Amazing Adventures) will bring the animated versions of the Dark Knight and the Turtles together. For our full scoop on this, read our story on the subject right here: [Nerdist]

Joss Whedon to co-write a comic about Buffy’s ex-Watcher, Giles

Creator Joss Whedon has a special panel all to himself on Friday at SDCC, where he mostly talked about different aspects of his long and prolific career. But he did drop one major tidibt at the panel, while talking about plans for Dark Horse’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel comics — Whedon will be co-writing a mini-series about the adventures of the recently de-aged Rupert Giles, now an old man trapped in a 13 year old boy’s body.

The new comic would focus on Buffy’s former Watcher attempting to go back to school with “other kids his own age,” and all the hilarity that would come with that. Joss Whedon will co-write with an as-yet unnamed writer. “In a fit of class, I’m not calling it ’21 Vamp Street'” he said. Which is too bad, because I kind of like that title.  [CBR]

Blizzard’s Overwatch Coming to Dark Horse Comics

It was really only a matter of time before the popular first person shooter video game Overwatch came to comics, and now the official announcement has finally arrived. Overwatch is coming to comic books as part of a broader publishing partnership between Blizzard Entertainment and publisher Dark Horse Comics.

Blizzard’s previously released Overwatch digital comics are being re-published on Dark Horse Digital, with plans for even more digital comics on the way very soon, as well as a graphic novel, and an art book as well. The Overwatch OGN is scheduled to be released in April on next year, and will feature characters they are calling an “original strike team.” No creative team for the OGN has been announced just yet. [Newsarama]

Jack Kirby/Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition Officially on Its Way

Legendary artist Jack Kirby’s 101 issue run of Fantastic Four in the ’60s was seen as the greatest work of his long career, and now his detailed work will be able to be fully appreciated, in an all its glory. Coming in January 2017 IDW, in cooperation with Marvel, will release of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition, collecting multiple complete stories, all captured directly from Jack immensely popular and influential Kirby’s original art. This will be the second Artist’s Edition of Kirby’s work after Jack Kirby’s The Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition.

In a statement, Comics historian and Kirby uber fan Mark Evanier said “These issues of Fantastic Four represent Jack Kirby operating at the top of his game, which is about as high a compliment as I can pay a comic book. As a reader, I felt like the fifth member of the Fantastic Four—and that was in the small format with the bad printing. When I get the IDW book, I will probably want to move into it and live there.”  [CBR]

Images: Marvel Comics / DC Comics / Dark Horse Comics / IDW Entertainment / Blizzard Entertainment


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