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Nintendo Unveils Brand New 3DS Model Appropriately Dubbed The ‘New Nintendo 3DS’

PAX? Where Nintendo’s going, they won’t need PAX! Even though much of the gaming community is keeping their eyes on Seattle this weekend, Nintendo made waves this morning by unveiling the New Nintendo 3DS (that is actually the name), an improved handheld console that will release in Japan on October 11 (and will likely not reach Europe or North America until 2015). The reveal came as a bit of surprise this morning, and it seems to be skewing away from the company’s focus on casual gamers and instead targeting the hardcore gaming market. Adding a second analog stick, two additional shoulder buttons, and improving both the 3D screen and the camera should give players of games like Monster Hunter much more control in the long run.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.12.05 PM

Nintendo will roll out two brand new models of the 3DS, the New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS LL, which is roughly the same size as the Nintendo 3DS XL. The two versions will retail for 16,000 yen and 18,800 yen respectively (approximately $160 and $180). Both versions will have extended battery life, Micro SD card support, and built-in support for near-field communication devices (NFC), which makes sense given Nintendo’s Amiibo interactive figure announcement from E3. As expected, both models will have souped-up CPUs under the hood, so your Nintendogs will be running around the screen smoother than ever before. They’re also rolling out a plethora of custom faceplates, so you can add a bit of visual flair to your handheld console of choice.


So, is this just a beefed up 3DS or is it simply another version of it a la the Nintendo 2DS? Well, considering that the first game they announced for it, the JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles, will only be playable on the New Nintendo 3DS, many gamers are worried that future titles won’t be playable on their existing hardware. Since the new consoles won’t be reaching our shores until 2015 at the earliest, it’s looking like that Nintendo of America’s focus is still squarely on the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS, especially as we head into the holiday season. So, you don’t have to worry about dropping another couple hundred dollars on a new system…yet.


Will you be upgrading to the New Nintendo 3DS? Do you think this is a smart move? Let us know in the comments below.

[HT: Eurogamer]

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  1. Kevin says:

    Being upset at this new 3DS and how you’ll have to buy new games sounds as dumb as people who complained the gameboy advance came out to replace the game boy color. higher specs, more buttons, etc. It’s just the next console, stop being butthurt that you have to upgrade. You don’t have to get the newest model, just keep playing your standard 3DS models much like the many who kept playing gameboy color until they realized how much better the advance was.

    • Kevin says:

      This one is backwards compatible too, so no downside to the new console except that you don’t own it.

  2. Lucas Busche says:

    Oh yay. Another upgrade forcing us to buy yet another new version to play new games. What was wrong with the previous 3DS? Not everyone has the money to upgrade when a new one is released!

    • SirKiyoshi says:

      Realistically, the updates are pretty sweet for people who play mentioned games, eg Monster Hunter. A second joystick on a controller has only been around since I dunno, the PSX, and it’s been a staple for systems pretty much since. I can’t believe how much space is wasted on the front of the 3/2ds, this is a great improvement! Duo trigger buttons not so much excite but whateves, if I can play Armored Core whilst poopin, kudos to whomever gives me that. WHAT I’M REALLY SKEPTICAL ABOUT IS THE ‘IMPROVED 3D’.

      The 3ds’ (fairly well done(?)) 3d is headache inducing- and not just to me. I’ve read internet posts, heard friends and people I’ve never met just whine about it. That’s why I bought the 2ds (but holy crap am I missing out on screen size.. Curse you Nintendo), it’s just not worth the extra 100 moneys for a feature I’m never going to use. If the 3d on this new system can hold up to not needing to be in an exact position to your face with an exact distance and an exact angle.. Like, fifteen minutes in, my neck started hurting, and I’m not even in my late twenties yet!

      All in all, I doubt the cartridges are going to change, you’ll likely be able to play things on your current system (but I’ll be using my second joystick, losers *maniacal laughter*) so don’t be so butthurt about it. Until you get the official news, that is. “Not only did we completely change how the thing does the thing, we also exclusively sleep with micro sd cards now! That 32 gig you bought for your old 3ds? Useless here!

  3. Honestly? I’ve been waiting for a new model of the original 3DS, the XL is just too big for my liking so I am excited for this and it is much cheaper than what I originally paid for my 3DS.

  4. Unicorn Princess says:

    Yesyesyesyes! I don’t like playing with the volume up but with it being right where my hand rests it always turns it on. I’m excited to see that the volume rests on the top screen now and that I will be less likely to turn it up randomly

  5. Reborn2Live says:

    I can,t play kid icarus in this… Im Left handed. I just can play with a special device that gives an extra pad to the right of the console :,(. But still I want to buy this New Console XD

  6. pingas says:

    pingas unuz koc kucuk

  7. Joel says:

    In my opinion, too many models has created a lot of confusion for the consuming pubic in the past. They should have just skipped the lesser “New” model, released only the LL, and then focused on a new DS every couple of years. They have WAY too manymodels of the DS line floating around as it is. 

  8. Lupin says:

    It looks like they just improved the few real problems the 3DS had for me. I play a lot of Monster Hunter so that 2nd stick will definitely help. I’d need to see more to really be sure if it’s a smart move for me though. I can’t wait to see what else they put up for it.

  9. ACNLGirl says:

    I just got my 2DS for Christmas last year! Why must they change things up every single year?? I just got the last professor layton game and don’t even want to BEGIN thinking about having to trade everything in again to get the next higher model. 😛

    The whole reason I waited 2 years to get a new system was because I was tired of not being able to play new games. I just happened to get the 2DS because it didn’t have the 3D effects.

    In my opinion, Nintendo just made a VERY bad move….

  10. Penny James says:

    Sure, right after I buy a 2DS. I might save up for one between now and release. 

  11. FirstStepWasDubstep says:

    Buying one! Been wanting a 3DS anyway! 

  12. Jason says:

    I’ve been wanting an XL because of my big fat hands…glad I waited…I’ll be first in line for the LL.

  13. Jay says:

    doesn’t the stupid circle pad pro give me and my old 3ds the same features? 2 analog sticks check. 4 shoulder buttons check. These games better work with that too.

    • Preston says:

      They won’t. The New 3DS has higher processing power. The old 3DS will not be able to handle them. That’s the whole point.