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Could Nintendo’s Next Classic Be the Game Boy?

There’s big money in nostalgia, and nobody knows that better than Nintendo. Is that why their next classic return might be the Game Boy? We discussed those rumors on today’s game-centric Nerdist News Talks Back, along with that “perfect” leaked review for Super Mario Odyssey, the announced Settlers of Catan movie, and the new Stranger Things card game.

Host Jessica Chobot welcomed Nerdist News writer Joan Ford, associate editor Kyle Anderson, and Geek and Sundry‘s Amy Vorpahl on the show today. They started with reports that Nintendo’s newest trademark points to a return for the Game Boy, possibly as a console or a smartphone program. Which one do we think it would be? Which would we prefer? If it is a Classic-style console, what games and features should it include?

But that wasn’t the only Nintendo news of the day, after an early leaked review for Super Mario Odyssey from Edge Magazine gave it a perfect score. Can any game really be perfect? Can it live up to this kind of hype? What’s our all time favorite Mario game? And how do we think this newest one will compare to them and other Switch titles?

Speaking of games, the classic board game Settlers of Catan is making the jump to the big screen. Will that mean a story set inside the game, or people playing it? Will they go for a serious Battleship tone, or more of a Jumanji feel? Since we’re talking about it, what are our favorite strategies when playing? Did it lead to our biggest board game fight? And what’s the next property that will be scooped up?

Finally, there’s a new Eggo-themed, Uno-like card game coming for Stranger Things, where you play as one of the characters and send the others to the Upside Down and to face the Demogorgon. Uh…sure! But will we actually buy it? And can we think of any Stranger past tie-ins?

Just like it is every weekday, Nerdist News Talks Back was live today at 1:00 p.m. PST on our YouTube and Alpha channels. Tune in with us you and get in on the conversation.

It’s all fun and games. (Today that was literally true.)

Still talk back to us with your thoughts on today’s topics by sharing them with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Austin Evans
Images: Nintendo, Netflix

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