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Nicolas Cage’s LEFT BEHIND Unveils Its First Trailer

Heads up, Nicolas Cage fans! The screamin’, shoutin’, whisperin’ madman of contemporary American cinema is back — in the very first trailer for his post-apocalyptic religious epic Left Behind, based on the book series by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, and due out from Stoney Lake Entertainment on October 3rd. We’ve seen Cage lend his unique blend of righteous fury to supernatural themed-films before, most notably Ghost Rider and Drive Angry. But the Oscar-winning thesp goes full hellfire in his latest work, directed by veteran British stuntman Vic Armstrong (of Indiana Jones and Superman fame). Co-starring One Tree Hill‘s Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thomson, Nicky Whelan, and former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, Left Behind finds Cage playing an airline pilot with a plane packed full of petrified passengers mere hours after the Rapture has caused millions of folks around the world to disappear into thin air. Whoa.

Somewhere Liam Neeson is weeping that he didn’t answer his phone in time… As the above trailer shows, Left Behind also features the return of ’80s dream girl Lea Thompson. But what will make it worth watching is Cage intoning more softly than he’s ever intoned before, offering up bon mots like “Every time she mentioned God, I walked away.” There is most definitely a double feature of this film and Con Air in my future.


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  1. Phil Healy says:

    Does he really need a paycheck this bad. He should stick to comic book fiction movies. Just that movie poster alone has killed this movie.

  2. Looks like they Left Behind Kirk Cameron for this one.

  3. David says:

    Science Fiction or Mythology]ical Fantasy section? 

  4. Narrator says:

    Did Drew Struzan design that poster? haha, jokes.

  5. Troy Brooks says:

    Is it just me, or are they trying to sell this as disaster porn?

  6. This looks awful. 

  7. reboot that looks just as horrible as the others for fucks sake make the rapture a real thing already and take me please

  8. Religious claptrap, and if anything could somehow embarrass Nicolas Cage’s career, this overblown tract will do it.

  9. Jaws says:

    hahaha “He would not do something like this”… he’d just drown everyone in the world 😉

  10. TJ Heesch says:

    LOL…”Academy Award Winner” Nicolas Cage…yes…let’s not forget that…

  11. Colin H. says:

    Is this a joke?

  12. Jon says:

    Nic’s pulling out the serious hair-piece for this one!

  13. simplyme says:

    Hopefully it’s not as bad as religious freak Kirk Cameron’s version.

    • Blarg says:

      I love Kirk Cameron, but I hated that movie.

    • connie says:

      he’s not a religious freak. he’s a Jesus freak. religion is man’s way to heaven. A relationship with Jesus is God’s way to heaven. get it straight.

      • Olias says:

        Faith is God’s way… Religion is the collection of rules and regulations–the dogma–that mankind imposes upon itself in the name of God. Jesus is the way, according to every Christian church; yet every denomination of Christianity sets itself apart by rules not spoken in the Bible. “Get it straight?” Unless you have a one-to-one relationship with God, religion is only a fleeting panacea for the troubles of the world. And an insufficient one at that, Without the true belief to back it. Religion is an illusion. Faith is where the truth may be found.

      • David says:

        Jesus is his religion. He is a religious freak.

      • clivodimars says:

        Kirk Cameron made me question my faith because of his completely misguided show “way of the master”. Scare people into Jesus’ arms is not a way to have a relationship with anyone. Let alone found a religion based on it. Kirk Cameron led me to not only NOT believe that the only way into “heaven” is through Jesus and that “all others will go to hell”, but also that any God (or god) I want to believe in would send billions into a fiery pit because they didnt believe the ONE STORY OUT OF THOUSANDS on how the world was created and who was the son of god. To me, Kirk Cameron is a terrible Christian and should hide his face in shame for what he does with his terrible television show.