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NICK OFFERMAN: AMERICAN HAM Hits Netflix December 12

Everyone’s favorite guru on the ways of hearty living, Ron Swanson Nick Offerman, will premiere his special — Nick Offerman: American Ham — on Netflix next month on December 12th. Just in time for the winter holiday season! Going home and avoiding your family has never been so hilarious.

Dubbed a “master class in life, love, woodworking, meat-eating, and being a man” — all things Offerman does quite well, we’d venture to guess — the special was taped last March in New York City and featured several guest appearances, including a few from his IRL wife (not just the Tammy 2 one), Megan Mullally. Within its minutes of taped comedy good-times and general humor-milling, Offerman counts down his 10 tips for prosperous living — if you’re into meat, money, and manliness — through songs, jokes, sketches, and the like.

The Parks and Recreation star had this to say for himself when asked about the matter/told to come up with a kicky PR-fueled elevator pitch for the special. “Fed up with abject failure? Lack of meat, cash, or fornication got you down? Refuel yourself with Nick Offerman’s 10 tips for prosperity in his chuckle-licious humor program, American Ham. Mediocre songs, ribald japes, and minor nudity guaranteed.”

So, basically, it’s like living your best life, having it sprinkled with Oprah-level magic dust, having your wildest/maniliest dream come true AND becoming Nick Offerman’s best friend all in one. It’s as though everything was beautiful and nothing hurt and then Nick Offerman built you a boat to sail away on.

Looking forward to American Ham? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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