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New Unfinished Episodes of STAR WARS: CLONE WARS Have Been Released

Star Wars: The Clone Wars may have been cancelled, but there were still many unfinished stories that never aired. Thirteen new episodes called “The Lost Missions” were put on Netflix as season six, and other plots started in the television series have gone on to unfold in the pages of comic books and novels. Fans of the animated show thought that would be all she wrote, but Lucasfilm and Disney have recently released four new episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. If you think it sounds too good to be true, you’d be right. There is one small catch: they’re not finished.

The four episode arc, “Crystal Crisis on Utapau,” is presented as rough cut story reels recorded by the voice actors who worked on the series. The release is part of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Legacy; the section on includes the arc I just mentioned, fresh and shiny concept art galleries, and a video exploring the effect of The Clone Wars on the galaxy far, far away:

To summarize: Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the gift that keeps on giving. Several stories were written and developed, and I’m thrilled that Lucasfilm is pushing out the content in one form or another to fans.

Watch the entire “Crysal Crisis on Utapau” arc with an introduction from Dave Filoni at There are spoilers so beware if you haven’t watched The Clone Wars.

What do you think about the new arc? Are you pleased we’re getting more Clone Wars stories in this format? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Aduo says:

    its nice that they released this, but the only thing missing is animation, which could had been done easy. i dont get why this arc wasnt finished, a damn shame

  2. chris says:

    I enjoy this.