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New TV Spot And Poster for Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Tonight at the Golden Globes the world got it’s biggest look yet at the world of Disney’s live action reboot/remake of the musical classic Beauty and the Beast in the form of an expanded TV spot trailer, which you can see above.

Earlier today, Disney shared the new poster on Twitter which you can take a gander at below. (By the by, the Twitter account name of @BeOurGuest is super adorable.) Check out this image and tell us if you notice what’s weird about it:


That’s right. In case you’ve forgotten the ending to the original film or have yet to see it–SPOILER ALERT–most of these cast members do not appear in their human form until the finale of the film, when the curse is broken.

Why put a spoiler in the poster of the film? Because Disney learns from their mistakes.

Last year, Disney put a murderer’s row of big name actors into their remake of The Jungle Book, but it was impossible to show Bill Murray’s face on the posters because Bill Murray never turns into a human in that film. Thanks to the story loophole of transformation at the end of Beauty and the Beast, we get to see Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ewan MgGregor, and Audra McDonald as human beings–instead of anthropomorphic furniture.

Who gets left out? Why, just the Beast. Sorry pal, we can’t let the world know what you look like. Not yet.

For more of the world of this film, in motion and with singing, from tonight’s big trailer reveal, click the video above.


So what do you think? Do we need this remade story right now to make life beautiful again or does the original still hold up in ways we don’t need to re-imagine? Do you think the advertising on the poster is a weird choice or a brilliant bit of trickery? Sound off in the comments below!

Image via Disney/Twitter

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