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Here’s a New Teaser of OK Go’s Insane Music Video for “Upside Down & Inside Out” (Exclusive)

Welcome back! That’s us assuming that you’ve been intently following our reveal of teaser clips for OK Go’s upcoming music video, for the song “Upside Down & Inside Out.”

In the last 15-second teaser, it was strongly implied that the music video would involve airplanes in Eastern Europe. The group was also seen undergoing health check-ups, which led us to believe that they’d wind up airborne. Basically, it looks like OK Go is taking their previously ground-bound viral music video act to the skies, and we’re totally fine with that.

Today’s teaser clip only confirms those Nostradamus-like predictions. This time, there is lots of spinning and parachutes, so OK Go it totally OK to go ahead with some insane midair choreography as they hurtle towards Earth at terminal velocity. To revisit our speculation based on the song’s lyrics—”Don’t stop, it’s like an airplane going down… gravity is just a habit”—that totally has to be what’s happening.

But there’s no way OK Go would be satisfied with simply free-falling a few thousand feet, right? No way: their videos have consistently been visual marvels that have pushed the limits of creative short-form filmmaking and of the art of the music video. Any old schmuck with a skydiving Groupon can jump from a plane and have somebody film them, so OK Go has to up the ante.

The band’s videos have historically been anything but predictable, so despite what may seem obvious to us given the presented evidence, there’s probably so much more for us to discover. The good news is that we have two more teaser videos to reveal, so check back on Monday to see the next one!



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