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Back in 2013, Dark Pixel went viral with a very fun video featuring live-action stuntmen performing Super Mario Bros.-inspired parkour moves. Earlier this week, Dark Pixel released the follow up video, Super Mario Bros. Parkour 2 with Ronnie Shalvis reprising his role as Luigi and Calen Chan leaping into the part of Mario himself!

Chan and Shalvis perform impressive stunts throughout the new video, alongside VFX work by King Bob Videos that added Goombas, Koopas, Piranha Plants, and Thwomps to the mix. Even the fireball, brick, and power-up effects were greatly improved over the original video while maintaining the classic Mario Bros. flavor. This video is so much fun to watch, it almost makes us forget about the abysmal Super Mario Bros. live-action feature film from the ’90s! [Editor’s Note: Hey, some of us loved that movie when it came out… WHEN IT CAME OUT.]

The Dark Pixel team isn’t above mocking themselves either, as one of the extended gags in the video features Mario losing his hat, which was a recurring problem in the original Super Mario Bros. Parkour video. There’s also a very amusing Mario Maker moment which freezes the onscreen action as a regular Goomba is transformed into a Giant Goomba. But of course, the Giant Goomba is no match for a well placed Koopa shell from Luigi!

Accompanying the video is a very cool remix of the classic Nintendo themes in Dark Pixel’s Super Mario Medley #2, which can be downloaded separately on Bandcamp.

What did you think about the Super Mario Bros. Parkour 2 video? And what was the most impressive stunt in the video? Let us know in the comment section below!


HT: Dark Pixel

Image Credit: Dark Pixel

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