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New SILICON VALLEY Teaser Isn’t Afraid to Bloody Some Noses

Didn’t anyone tell these guys that following a Pied Piper traditionally only leads to trouble? Ah well, at least their troubles are hilarious.

Deadpool costar TJ Miller can’t seem to stay away from hilariously profane, bloody content this weekend. In our first look at season 3 of Silicon Valley, his Bachman is back, man, and as obnoxiously great as ever, while Hendricks seems to be doing little to merit avoiding those zingers. The thing he does with the papers on the desk here, though–I can honestly say I’ve done that, though usually when nobody’s around to mock it forever. I guess now that you know, you can mock me forever. Ahem. Anyway…

Now, again, about that Pied Piper name, guys. Did any of you ever actually read the fable in which it originates? It’s all about blindly following a dubious leader…and not getting paid. Whether you see yourself as the piper, the rats, the skinflint villagers, or the children, nobody comes out well in that analogy.

And speaking of dubious leaders, we only get what appears to be a behind-the-head look at the new CEO played by Stephen Tobolowsky. If that is him, he certainly displays the ability to share a scene, though you have to figure he’ll come on strong at some point.

Also: Robo-reindeer! I want one. Now.

Are you psyched for all-new misadventures in Silicon Valley? Is Elon Musk going to find something to complain about again? Does the new trailer fit your comedy algorithm? Compute your response in comments below.

image: YouTube/HBO

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