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New SHENMUE 3 Game Footage Boasts Beautiful Vistas

There’s a good chance that folks waiting on the next highly anticipated installment in the Shenmue series are feeling a bit in the dark on the game’s development. Since its announcement and immediate Kickstarter funding last year, details on this title have been as sparse as Leonardo Dicaprio Oscar victories. Oh wait, I can’t use that joke anymore, can I?

Anywho, we were lucky enough to have Game Director Yu Suzuki finally break the long silence over the weekend with some new screens and gameplay videos (viewable above) of Shenmue III. Ys Net’s demonstration at the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) gave fans a first-hand look at Shenmue III‘s lush vistas, and a small sample of what sounds like another amazing game score. This isn’t the cleanest footage of what Suzuki showcased, but there’s enough here for you to clearly see how beautifully the game is shaping up.

Everything looks incredible–from the eye-catching colorfulness of vegetation, to the life-like sun lighting effects. Thank you Unreal Engine 4! All of these visuals are from Bailu Village, which is said to be the game’s opening hub area. Quite a way to set the tone aesthetically, wouldn’t you agree?

Shenmue 3 is slated to release this December on the PS4 and PC platforms. Are you as pumped about the series’ return to the video game world as we are? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Check out the screenshots in the gallery below, and for an amazing Shenmue easter egg, check out this episode of Nerdist Play:

[brightcove video_id=”4143301359001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”2bfa565b-5412-4cfd-9211-6269880b8a5e”]

Image Source: Ys Net

Malik Forté is the Gaming Editor of Nerdist and the fearless leader of the White Pants Illuminati. Find his ramblings on Twitter: @Malik4play.


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