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New ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Clip Rallies Princess Leia’s Father

New ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Clip Rallies Princess Leia’s Father

Another day, another new clip from Rogue One… But who’s complaining when our latest look at the new Star Wars film shows Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso rallying the Rebel Alliance, which just happens to include Jimmy Smits’ Bail Organa (a.k.a. Princess Leia’s proud papa)? Also in today’s Movie Morsels, a new behind-the-scenes look at Tom Cruise’s The Mummy, a song clip from Moana, a new Fast 8 video, and more!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

If this whole steal-the-plans-for-the-Death Star thing doesn’t work out for her, Jyn Erson could have quite a career ahead of her as a paid motivational speaker, as the following new clip from Rogue One makes abundantly clear. But since it also shows Bail Organa hanging out at the Rebel base, it has me wondering how much Jimmy Smits this Star Wars prequel (which is sure to be better than the last three Star Wars prequels) will contain. We know there won’t be a sequel to Rogue One, so I’m hoping we get more than just a smattering of Smits as this could be our last chance to see the actor in the role…

And for those of you who’ve been wandering the dune sea of Tatooine for the last year, and have just emerged and are now scratching your heads, saying, “Hey, Movie Morsels, what in the name of heck is a ‘Jyn Erso’?” well, Lucasfilm has kindly released a new instructional video to help get you up to speed in time for Rogue One‘s release on December 16th…

[JoBlo’s Movie Trailers]

The Mummy

Love him or hate him, there are few American film actors working these days that can sell an action scene as well as Tom Cruise. So it’s fitting (if perhaps a little disappointing to horror fans), that Universal’s reboot of its Universal Monsters franchise looks to be taking a decidedly action-oriented approach with the Cruise-starring The Mummy. Here’s a new featurette, showcasing the actor and his co-stars Russell Crowe and Sofia Boutella, that takes fans behind the scenes of what looks like one of next summer’s biggest films…

[Universal Pictures]


So did you see Disney’s new blockbuster Moana last weekend? If not, what are ya waitin’ for?! Another clip, you say? Ooookaaaaay… Here’s one of the film’s highlights: the complete musical number “We Know the Way,” which celebrates the Polynesian spirit of exploration that Moana and her people embody, as captured in song by the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda…

[Disney Music VEVO]

Fast 8

The cast of Fast 8 will debut the very first trailer for the next installment in their auto-racing action saga this Sunday, December 11th, in New York. But you don’t have to travel to the Big Apple to see it, because we’ll have it right here for your viewing enjoyment on good ol’ To help start your engine with sweet anticipation, Universal has released a new video promo featuring the film’s entire cast, and offering some snippets of new footage, including franchise newbie Charlize Theron. Will Fast 8 be, as Vin Diesels and co. promise here, the fastest, more furious film in the series yet? Things aren’t looking too bad so far…


Fist Fight

I’ve always been a sucker for high-concept comedies, no matter how low-brow they might be. Which is why I’m rooting like crazy for Fist Fight, which sees Charlie Day playing a nebbish school teacher challenged to a game of fisticuffs by a colleague, played by Ice Cube. The more frightened Day gets, the funnier this thing looks. And in the film’s new UK trailer, Day looks pretty friggin’ terrified…

[Warner Bros. UK]

How to Train Your Dragon 3

How to Train Your Dragon 2 splash

Finally today… The third film in Fox’s How to Train Your Dragon series is experiencing yet another delay. When last we heard, Hiccup and Toothless were set to return to movie theaters on May 18, 2018. But that date has now been pushed back 10 months to March 1, 2019. No word yet on the reason why, but Dragon fans can still look forward to a third season of Dragons: Race to the Edge (set between films 1 and 2) this June on Netflix.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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Featured Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

Images: Fox

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