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New ALIEN: COVENANT Photo Reveals an Old Friend from Ridley Scott’s Original ALIEN

New ALIEN: COVENANT Photo Reveals an Old Friend from Ridley Scott’s Original ALIEN

After almost 40 years, the Alien franchise hasn’t lost its nightmarish mystique, as is evident in the latest photo from the saga’s next chapter Alien: Covenant, which we have in today’s Movie Morsels. But for those who prefer their thrills a little closer to Earth, we’ve also got a new behind-the-scenes featurette from Assassin’s Creed, word on who will be directing the Detective Pikachu film, new clips from the very funny looking Office Christmas Party, and more!

Alien: Covenant

Yesterday was Ridley Scott’s 79th birthday. The legendary filmmaker is still going strong, following the success of last year’s The Martian (his best film in decades, in my humble opinion) with yet another science-fiction epic, the Alien prequel/Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant. In honor of the occasion, 20th Century Fox has released a new photo from the film’s Sydney set, offering concrete proof that the fabled “Space Jockey” from the original Alien will show his masked head once more in this movie. I was lucky enough to visit the production last year, and I can tell you that this particular set looks just as it did in Alien, and should look every bit as foreboding when it arrives on the big screen on May 19th…


Assassin’s Creed

Yesterday, we showed you the first-ever clip from the long-awaited Assassin’s Creed, featuring Michael Fassbender’s protagonist entering the Animus to experience the consciousness of his ancestor, a professional assassin. Of course some of you might be scratching your heads and saying, “Hey, Movie Morels, just what the heck is ‘the Animus’?” Well, to help answer that question, Fox has released a helpful featurette that gives you all the necessary deets, conveyed by Fassbender and his co-star Marion Cotillard…

[20th Century Fox]

Office Christmas Party

After this long and decidedly dreadful year, December 25th cannot possibly arrive fast enough for me, nor can all the festivities that proceed it. But because I no longer work in an office (such is the freelance life), I’m missing the many company Christmas parties I used to attend. Thankfully, the holiday comedy Office Christmas Party looks to capture that crazy experience for all of us when it opens on December 9th. Here are two new clips from the film, featuring an all-star lineup of funny people, including Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, T. J. Miller, Jillian Bell, Courtney B. Vance, Kate McKinnon, Randall Park, and Jennifer Aniston…


Detective Pikachu


Pikachu, I choose you! Legendary Entertainment’s Detective Pikachu has finally nabbed a filmmaker to bring the world’s most famous Pokémon to full CG-animated life in an adaptation of the hit Nintendo game. Goosebumps and Monsters Vs. Aliens director Rob Letterman will helm the first-ever live-action Pokémon movie, which will be written by Nicole Perlman (of Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor fame) and Alex Hirsch (Galaxy Falls). Now if only they could get Benedict Cumberbatch to voice Pikachu my life would be complete… Hey, the man can rock a deerstalker!

[Entertainment Weekly]


Last but not least today, we have the first clip from the upcoming indie science-fiction thriller Domain. The film is about a group of folks who isolate themselves in bunkers when a virus kills off most of the Earth’s population. But, in classic horror movie form, someone or something starts picking them off one by one. Hopefully this will tap into the same claustrophobic vibe that Alien and The Thing mined so well. The movie’s word premiere will be held at the Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival this Sunday, December 4th, with director Nathaniel Atcheson in attendance…


What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know below!

Feature Image: 20th Century Fox

Images: The Pokemon Company

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