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Wes Anderson’s New H&M Commercial Is a Magical Mini Holiday Movie, and More

Wes Anderson’s New H&M Commercial Is a Magical Mini Holiday Movie, and More

We need a little Christmas right this very minute! Thankfully, ever-reliable auteur Wes Anderson has heard our cries and delivered an early stocking suffer: a festive short film that’s guaranteed to make your heart grow three sizes. But just in case that doesn’t do the trick, today’s Movie Morsels also has the first-ever clip from Assassin’s Creed, a new clip from Passengers, an entire musical number from Disney’s Moana, and much more to put some spring in your step!

Come Together

Has Wes Anderson ever made a movie that wasn’t wonderful? Oh sure, some are more wonderful than others, but even the man’s AmEx and Prada commercials are bursts of cinematic inspiration; and Anderson continues that winning streak with a new commercial/short film for H&M. Titled “Come Together,” it stars Adrian Brody as the sleeping car conductor on a train full of passengers arriving late on Christmas. Wit, whimsy, and magic ensue. But I’m not the kind of guy who spoils anyone’s holiday present, so check it out for yourself…


Assassin’s Creed

Speaking of things arriving late, we’ve been patiently waiting for what seems like forever for the first clip from Fox’s Assassin’s Creed adaptation, but the studio has finally come through. The video below sees Marion Cotillard going all Twelve Monkeys on Michael Fassbender’s Callum Lynch, sending him into the Animus to experience the life of his ancestor, the assassin Aguilar de Nerha. As for what actually happens when he enters that ol’ Animus (which my spellchecker really wants to change to “an anus,” for some reason), well, we’ll have to wait for the film’s December 21st release to find out…

[20th Century Fox]


If you saw Disney’s new South Seas animated epic Moana in theaters this weekend, then you’ve no doubt got one of its catchiest songs stuck in your head. We don’t have the power to remove the Lin-Manuel Miranda-penned, Dwayne Johnson-sung “You’re Welcome” from your noggin, but we can do the next best thing and give you a means of fully embracing it. Here’s the entire sequence from the film, for you to enjoy over and over and…



Let’s face it, the main reason we want to see Passengers so badly is because we want to see the ridiculously charming and good-looking Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence paired romantically. The film’s deep-space setting? That’s just gravy! Fortunately, Sony knows very well what we want, and the studio has just released a new clip from the science-fiction thriller, in which its fetching stars’ characters go out on their very first date together. Awww…

[Entertainment Weekly]

Chaos Walking


Two of Disney’s hottest young film stars will most likely be appearing in Chaos Walking. An adaptation of the YA novel of the same name about a world populated only by men after a germ has killed off the female population, the Doug Liman-directed movie stars Star Wars‘ Daisy Ridley as, presumably, the last girl on Earth. If negotiations work out, Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s Tom Holland (pictured above in In the Heart of the Sea) will star as the outcast boy who finds her. Man, I’m already shipping these two.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

The Comedian

Finally today… Robert De Niro played the most famous wannabe stand-up comic in film history in Martin Scorsese’s King of Comedy. Now the iconic actor is playing a very different kind of funnyman in The Comedian, co-starring fellow Scorsese vet Harvey Keitel, along with Leslie Mann, Danny DeVito, and Edie Falco. Here’s the trailer for the comeback dramedy, which hits theaters this Friday, December 2nd…

[Sony Pictures Classics]

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Featured Image: H&M

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