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New HARRY POTTER-Themed Hotel Brings Hogwarts to London

As authentic and true to the world of J.K. Rowling as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando may be… let’s face it, it’s still built on a hot, humid slice of Floridian land. More to the point, it’s American land, and if you really want the truest Hogwarts experience that money can buy, it makes perfect sense that you’ve got to go to the U.K. In an effort to cash in celebrate Harry Potter mania, the 163-year-old Georgian House Hotel near London’s Victoria Station has now started to include replica Hogwarts rooms as well as personalized “wizarding packages,” which include a tour of the major landmarks from the Harry Potter film series as well as a trip to the Warner Bros Studio for The Making of Harry Potter Tour.

Special guest rooms will include trunks, potion bottles, cauldrons and spell books, so you can pretend to be part of the House of your choice: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Of course, this journey into the magical realms for regular old muggles like us comes at quite the hefty price tag. Prices start at £249 per night in some of the smaller “Wizard Chambers”, which houses three people, but it can go as high as £363 a night for the five-person room. Speaking to The Mirror, Georgian House Hotel partner Serena von der Heyde said, “The Georgian House Hotel places great emphasis on welcoming families and I really wanted to create something fun for young visitors.” My bet is it’s not just gonna be the young visitors that are going to be all over this one, but muggles of all ages.

Would you be willing to make the trek to England to have the authentic Hogwarts experience? Let us know in the comments below!

HT The Mirror.UK

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  1. frdw says:

    I am harry potter

  2. Steven says:


  3. Scenic says:

    If I had the money, I would.

  4. Ronald stone says:

    In a heart beat!!!!! 

  5. Eva says:

    London, here I come! (Even if I have to empty my life savings, I’m coming)

  6. Gio says:


  7. Paz says:


  8. Elna Hoffman says:

    Of course!  I am a Great Grandmother and I would be there in a heart beat!!!!

  9. Andria says:

    Yes, I’ve been to London and it just puts you in the mood for Harry potter. This is the best idea yet!!! I’m so excited for this to happen 

  10. Patrick says:

    If they had the entire hotel being hogwarts themed including the great hall and staircase and stuff like that, then it would be worth the money. but 400 to almost 600 US dollars. That’s kind of ridiculous for what you’re getting 

  11. Alicia says:

    the rooms are good for a start, but I think that what we need is a completely themed Harry Potter hotel … breakfast in the Great Hall, lunch or dinner at the Three Broomsticks… We need to have our own Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the UK!!!

  12. Erika says:

    Yes! I better start get hearing my galleons now!!!

  13. Jacq says:

    Yes!! Time to sell my kidneys (Y) 

  14. Lorraine says:

    Oh yes, I already started saving my pennies.. London Here I come! 

  15. Charmian says:

    YES!!!!!!!!! It’s about R4500-R6500 in South African but if i had that cash I would definitely go!!! Its almost a dream-come-true!

  16. Ryan says:

    OUCH!! £249 – £363 = $451.14 – $657.69 CAD

  17. Dee says:

    Absolutely!!!! I’ll even pay the outrage cost! I’m a bit bummed that the series is over. I’m 40 and I still listen to the books on tape over and over! What can I say I’m a Potterhead!! 

  18. Debi says:

    would love to go with my grandson if I could ever afford it

  19. Would certainly love to, but would never be able to afford it! Funny you should mention adults enjoying it as well as kids. The last few Harry potter movies I went with my sister. We went to the matinees to save some money and the theater was full ….. Of adults. There was not one child in the audience! Love those movies! I own all the books and all the dvd’s! Good luck with your hotel!

  20. Cameo Morris says:

    Heck yeah, that would be an amazing experience. Brilliant! 

  21. Na says:

    YESSSSS! OMG!!!!! 

  22. Beth says:

    If I had the money you bet I’d be all over this!

  23. Michael says:

    Going. going. going!!!!!!!!!! I may be a die hard fan but even people who aren’t fans would get a kick out of it. omg, so excited!

  24. who are they calling muggles? fab idea but way too costly if you ask me!

  25. I would definitely spend the money to have that kind of experience. It’s not something that you get everyday.

  26. Sandra says:

    Oh my god! YES!

  27. jessica says:

    siii!! me encantaria poder ir!!

  28. Lisa says:

    Hell yes!!! Do we get the wizard’s paper in the morning as well? 😉

  29. uersel says:

    oooh yes! I’m alreay planning on going as soon as I’m back from my year abroad in Asia and as soon as I have earned some money xD me and my sister would love to go there!!

  30. rachel says:

    oh que oui ! c’est mon projet du premier semestre 2015 !! <3 <3 <3 

  31. Corrine says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Please!

  32. chanel Santana says:

    Yes I would love to go there

  33. Angela Prati says:

    YES!!!! I’ve got my hand made wand, broom, trunk and owl ready! Send the Knight bus and I’m on my way!!!

  34. Annie says:

    hell yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

  35. Molly says:

    In in Wisconsin, My bags are already packed. 

  36. Flames says:

    That would be great fun, but not at those prices!!!

  37. Justin Pool says:

    Sounds really cool. But that’s just a bit too expensive for me.