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New GHOST IN THE SHELL Video Asks, “Who is the Major?” (Exclusive)

Since its release 20 years ago, the Ghost in the Shell animated film has proved one of the most influential anime to date. Later this month, Masamune Shirow’s iconic story will return to the big screen with an American adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, which features Scarlett Johansson as the Major. Within the film, even the Major isn’t entirely sure who or what she is. But a new video offers up a few tantalizing clues.

“‘Who is the Major?’ is a good question, and this film is really about the journey of self-discovery for the character,” says Johansson in our exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Ghost in the Shell. She adds, “This experience has been like nothing else I’ve ever had before. It’s a ride, for sure.” Director Rupert Sanders shared his thoughts on her character, as well: “Scarlett did bring so much to it. She’s really inhabited the role, the hidden anger, [and] the hidden humanity. She really became the Major.”

Within the footage from the film, we witness Juliette Binoche’s Dr. Ouélet inform the Major that she was attacked and her body was injured beyond repair. Only the Major’s brain survived, and Ouélet apparently put her mind into an a cyborg body. While Ouélet indicates that the Major was saved so that she could save others from her fate, previous clips from the movie have suggested that this is a lie. The Major’s life wasn’t saved by her masters, it was stolen.

What did you think about the new Ghost in the Shell video? Unleash your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image: Paramount Pictures

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