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6 Disney Products We’re Looking Forward to for the Holidays

We know it’s 80-plus degrees out (26 degrees if you’re a Celsius fan), so get your mind off the heat by thinking cool — think…holiday gifts! We were recently invited to Disney Consumer Products Holiday Showcase where the most innovative and coveted Disney gifts were on display.

The showcase appropriately felt like the Happiest Place On Earth; around every turn was something more amazing than the next. Disney fans of all ages will be thrilled with what will arrive in stores for the holiday season. Here are Nerdist’s top 6 picks of the most magical Disney products we’d like to have for the holidays:

DCP dress up-07282015

1. Disney Dress Up

Halloween is prime dress-up time, but little fans can become their favorite characters year-round with Disney’s fabulous role play costumes. In addition to Disney princesses and heroes, fun new additions include a Black Widow costume, Mal from Descendents and a Princess Leia with iconic bun headgear.

DCP Star Wars PJ-07282015

2. A Very Star Wars Christmas

If you live, sleep and dream Star Wars, then these pajamas are for you. No longer will you have to slice open a tauntaun to stay warm because these PJs are every Star Wars fan’s Christmas dream come true. Made by renown sleepwear designer Hanna Andersson, these comfy pajamas are decorated with images of Vader the Red-Nosed Reindeer, holiday Yoda and more. In addition to pajamas there will be matching beanie hats and snuggly slippers.

3. Frozen all day

Frozen fandom shows no signs of stopping and the toys have outdone themselves this season. From a sweet singing jewelry box to a Sing-Along Elsa doll that let’s you complete the song when you take the microphone, the only thing Frozen fans will be lacking is in the contents of their wallet. Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace is a wonder with a telescoping feature that transforms the castle just like in the movie — in this case to over 3 feet tall as “Let It Go” plays in the background. The coolest thing I saw all day? A voice-activated plush Sven the reindeer toy. Ask him to sit, play and more, and he’ll obey your every whim. Who’s a good, reindeer? Sven’s a good reindeer!

DCP Tsum-07282015

4. Tsum Tsum and more tsum

As a fanatical Disney Tsum Tsum player and collector I was thrilled to see the expansion of this toy line. Currently plush tsums come in mini, medium, and large, but hold up — here come the Megas. Clocking in at a whopping 17 x 22 inches, these tsums are sure to be under many a Christmas tree, provided they fit. Also coming down the Tsum Tsum line are apparel and accessories, with lip balm and toys coming exclusively to Target.

Vader Infinity-07282015

5. To Star Wars Infinity and Beyond

The Star Wars additions to Disney Infinity 3.0 come out on August 30, well before the holiday rush and early enough to sink their teeth into your psyche. This update contains a Rise Against the Empire play set with awesomely detailed playable figures that include Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie & Vader. It also enables you to play with past figures, meaning Anakin and Vader can go on missions together, an odd but cool attribute. Plus you can fly an X-Wing, and who wouldn’t want that?

DCP Inside Out plush-07282015

6. All the Inside Out Feels

Inside Out toys are popular with both kids and adults as everyone loves to share their emotions. (It’s what the Internet is for, after all.) Some people feel Disgust, others Joy but Bing Bong, he steals the show. This Bing Bong doll very realistically smells like fresh cotton candy and when squeezed…HE CRIES CANDY. HE. CRIES. CANDY. Oh, my aching emotion-filled heart!

Check out more photos in the gallery and let us know in the comments what Disney products you’d like for the holidays!


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