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New “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” Trailer!

This comes courtesy of our friends at Machinima – the brand new theatrical trailer for the second G.I. Joe film, Retaliation. Now, as I said when I dissected the first trailer, I was incredibly disappointed with the first film, but the sequel looks infinitely better. I mean, they’re actually wearing Army fatigues, they’re actually shooting realistic weapons, and it has the Rock AND Bruce Willis in it; it trumps the first one in setup alone. I’m sure this won’t be any big work of art, but it does look like the filmmakers have addressed the problems fans had with the first one before making the second one. Channing Tatum’s Duke appears to be the only character returning from the first film, aside from Snake Eyes of course, and even he doesn’t seem like he’s in it much. Obviously, nobody wants to get their hopes up too high, but it’s certainly off to a better start. The film opens June 29th. Guess I know where I’m taking my little brother for his birthday…

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  1. mechas8n says:

    Looks about the same as the first one. Which I enjoyed. A bit of World Traveling and some blowing stuff up. The Super suits were shyte. but that was about it.

    This looks like more of the same.

  2. Tom Triumph says:

    I love the Cobra White House. It’s as dumb as Independence Day, but it just strikes me at a really stupid level that it works. It’s like Robot Chicken pointed out when the Emperor is killed in Star Wars and and the entire Imperial Fleet gives up. Sure, why not: Joe’s dead, Cobra’s president and American Idol is on. It works.

    I am a bit bothered that the Rock’s first reaction is that a) the President is a traitor, b) he’s going to break the oath he took to the Commander-in-Chief, and c) he’s going to kill him himself. Is their allegiance to Joe or the Constitution?

    I’m actually disappointed they replaced the president. I’d love for him to wipe out Joe and have a real internal crisis. Replacing the president is such a cliche. Rather have Martin Sheen’s Dead Zone nut job.

    I went back to Trailer #1: The repelling ninjas… I like the creativity and over-the-top ninjaness of it, but I keep thinking “why not just cut the other guy’s rope?” I’m sure they’ll explain it.

  3. George says:

    PLEASE! I’m begging with every inch of my being… NO ACCELERATOR SUITS! I apologize for the caps, but I needed to make sure people understood that this fuckery will not stand again.