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New “Doctor Who” Mini-Sode


Doctor Who has always had a close relationship with the long-running BBC children’s show Blue Peter. Last year, Blue Peter held a contest for children to write a small adventure for the Doctor, which included Albert Einstein, and now they’ve done so again. “Good As Gold” was written by three little girls and concerns the Doctor and Amy trying to have an adventure and landing in the middle of the Olympic torch-lighting ceremony. Of course, this would completely negate the continuity established in the episode “Fear Her,” and I’m completely okay with that. You can definitely tell the episode is written by kids, but they seem to have captured at least the tone of the series. It’s easy to forget, being an American adult, that kids in Britain absolutely adore Doctor Who and, as much as we’d like to pretend it isn’t, it’s a show for the whole family.

Below is a longer video which shows not only the mini episode but also goes behind the scenes where the adorable and excited little girls get to visit the set, talk to the cast and crew, and see their words brought to life. It’s unbearably cute, you guys, so be warned.


The series proper will be back in the Fall, so for now this 3 minutes is what we have to whet our whistle. No official word on the date, but good bet suggests September.

-Kanderson writes Doctor Who scripts all the time, if only he were a British child… Follow him on TWITTER!

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  1. Nick says:

    Does anybody know how to write/enter an minisode script for this year’s minisode?

  2. Aeshir says:

    Angels in an episode written by children: STILL SCARY AS HELL.

  3. firecloud says:

    WAIT…they just created a paradox, in the Season 2 episopde 12 named “Fear her” the Dr. and Rose go to london during the 2012 Olympics where a girl draws a picture that captures all of the crowd in the stands

  4. bonk_p says:

    It isn’t David Tennant, but Matt Smith will be the lead off of the torch relay in Cardiff!

  5. Justin says:

    Brilliant job! Watch your back Mr. Moffet =]

  6. Scott S. says:

    I was really hoping the torchbearer was going to run outside and give the torch to the Tenth Doctor…

  7. Abbey says:

    So adorable !!

  8. Lee says:

    And the doctor saves the day by waving his sonic screwdriver; these girls are clearly old school who fans.

  9. Mario says:

    Very charming. The fast pace of the problem and resolution was very comical.