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New BETTER CALL SAUL Season 2 Promo Rejects ‘The Right Thing’

Earlier this year, AMC revisited the world of Breaking Bad with Better Call Saul, a series focused on Bob Odenkirk’s iconic “criminal lawyer,” Saul Goodman. Except it wasn’t Saul’s story; it was the tale of the goodhearted Jimmy McGill as he slowly lurched toward his destiny as Saul.

It’s amazing how sympathetic Jimmy was over the course of the first season of Better Call Saul. But Jimmy certainly had his moments of temptation. Remember that big bag filled with stolen cash from those crazy Kettlemans? That could have set Jimmy up for life, and no one would have ever known but Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks). Instead, Jimmy did “the right thing,” and it’s haunted him ever since.

But the show really threw salt on Jimmy’s wounds when he figured out that it was his own brother, Chuck (Michael McKean), who sabotaged Jimmy’s dream of joining the prestigious Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill law firm. “Slippin’ Jimmy with a law degree is like a chimp with a machine gun,” said Chuck. That was the beginning of the end for Jimmy McGill. Now there’s only Saul in his future.

AMC has released a new teaser trailer for Better Call Saul Season 2, which features a few audio callbacks to the first season before ending on Jimmy’s quote from the season finale.

But if that’s not enough Better Call Saul for you, AMC has a second promo video as well. There’s no new footage in the second video, but it does have a few of the highlights from the first season including Jimmy and Chuck’s falling out. 
AMC will premiere the 13-episode second season of Better Call Saul in early 2016.

Better Call Saul fans, what do you want to see in the second season? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image Credit: AMC/Sony Pictures Television

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