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New BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Clip Offers Romantic Advice, and More Movie News

New BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Clip Offers Romantic Advice, and More Movie News

Who’s up for another clip from Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast? Oh, you all are? Great! Because our latest look at the film finds the Dan Stevens’ Beast inviting Emma Watson’s Belle to dinner…poorly. We’ve also got a new clip from the live-action Ghost in the Shell, some very cool news regarding Logan, and oh so much more in today’s Movie Morsels!

Beauty and the Beast

The best thing about today’s Beauty and the Beast clip is the opportunity it gives us to hear the film’s voice cast as they take roles we’ve heard voiced a million times over in the original animated classic and make them their very own. Ewan McGregor, for example, has the almost impossible task of following the late Jerry Orbach as Lumiere, yet he gives the character a somewhat sprightlier energy, and makes him more of a Casanova than the song-and-dance man we know and love. Emma Thomas is equally impressive as the new Mrs. Potts, following Angela Lansbury’s charming performance. I still prefer the original animated Beast’s “smile” though…


Ghost in the Shell

And speaking of new clips, the latest footage from Ghost in the Shell makes up just the first 40 seconds of the following video, with the rest an abridged version of the trailer we’ve already seen. But those 40 seconds are pretty choice , since they’re from the scene in which Scarlett Johansson’s Major first awakens after her mind is placed in her new artificial body. In other words, it’s the origin of the film’s titular “ghost”…




Snikt! Good God is Logan getting good reviews! But director James Mangold’s isn’t content to stop with the version of the film that hits theaters this Friday, March 3rd. Following in the footsteps of such films as The Mist and Mad Max: Fury Road, Mangold is indicating via Twitter that there might be a black-and-white version of Logan on the way. Hopefully this will allow for even more slicing and dicing from our favorite Canadian mutant. Here’s what the filmmaker had to say to a fan on Twitter…

Though Logan wasn’t shot in black and white, the teaser images from the film that Mangold released on Instagram looked wonderful in the format, so there’s no reason to think those images won’t look even better in motion!




Yes, you read that correctly. A third TRON is apparently a thing that is not totally beyond the realm of possibility, at least according to TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. Speaking with Collider before a special screening the website hosted of his ill-fated TRON sequel, the filmmaker said, “I guess I can say that TRON 3 is in cryogenic freeze… I mean, you have to remember that when we made TRON: Legacy, Disney did not own Marvel. Disney did not own Lucasfilm… Would [TRON] do as well as one of those? That is more the reason we haven’t seen another TRON is that Disney stock is flushed with really successful properties right now. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see one at one point.”

As for whether the film could arrive in some format other than that of a theatrical release, Kosinski added, “It definitely doesn’t have to be on a movie screen…I think there’s still interest in exploring other things like VR, but as far as the TV show, I don’t know, I think that would be tough.”


Justice League


In case you missed it yesterday, Zack Snyder shared some new test footage of Aquaman Jason Momoa swimming underwater in a tank on the Warner Bros. lot–most likely a visual effects test for Justice League. Needless to say, it looks much cooler than what we saw of the character in Batman v Superman.


Kong: Skull Island

Kong Skull Island 7

Last but not least today, just in case you’re not already going apeshit enough for this month’s Kong: Skull Island, the latest episode of The Dan Cave offers 6 King Kong Facts That Are Totally Bananas. Enjoy!


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Featured Image: Disney

Images: 20th Century Fox, Disney, Warner Bros.

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