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Netflix’s Creepy-Looking DARK Trailer Combines Time Travel with a Missing Persons Mystery

Stranger Things found success by setting its horror story in the ’80s, but the latest creepy missing persons show from Netflix won’t be limited to only one decade. In fact, the “when?” of it all is what Dark is most interested in asking when a child mysteriously goes missing in its small town setting.

In this trailer for Netflix’s new German-language series, “the disappearance of two kids in the German small-town of Winden opens abysses that turn the concept of time on its head.” Outside of an ’80s pop song on an old TV, the trailer’s visuals don’t offer many clues as to how the story might travel through time, but the show certainly looks to be unsettling and, fittingly, dark.

Much in the same way Stranger Things evokes many a pop culture source, it’s hard to watch this trailer and not think about the new IT movie, as well as shows like AMC’s The Killing (except hopefully good), Twin Peaks, and even the classic Danish series The Kingdom.

And considering the fact that Dark‘s terrifying tale will span multiple generations, it has a considerably larger well of past movies and shows to build from and pay homage to than even the ’80s-bound Stranger Things does.

Imagine how scary the Demogorgon would have been if he could have attacked you at any time period in your life… or in human history!

Dark comes to Netflix on December 1st. What did you think of this trailer? Did it remind you of any other movies or shows? Bring your thoughts out of the dark and into the light of our comments section below.

Images: Netflix

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