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Net-Shooting Drone is on the Hunt for Other Drones

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Or is the enemy of my enemy my enemy?

I…..have no idea, but it seems an appropriate question to ask after watching this drone-catching drone (BRAAHHMM) in action. That’s right, this is a drone designed to go out and capture rogue drones that may pose a threat.

Engineers at HIRoLab (Human-Interactive Robotics Lab) at Michigan Technological University have designed a drone that can launch a net 40 feet to ensnare a drone that might pose a danger. The rogue drone is then entangled in the net, but still attached to the capture drone. It’s pretty incredible to watch it on the hunt.

If you’re thinking, “Why not just shoot it down?” or “Why not release the net and protect your drone?” the primary engineer, associate professor of mechanical engineering Mo Rastgaar, told Science Around Michigan it has to do with not knowing what the mystery drone might be carrying. If it’s a bomb or another explosive, you would want to get it away from its potential target, or wish to drop it at a safe spot, which the capture drone can do.

It is also useful if you wish to get your hands on your annoying teenage neighbor’s drone. You know, the one he keeps using when you have friends over. This will teach him not to “buzz the tower like in Top Gun.” Who’s buzzing now, huh Billy?

Using a drone to capture a drone sounds very smart. We’ll just have to hope the drones don’t realize they should be working together.

If they ever do…god help us all.

What’s your favorite use for a drone you’ve seen? Buzz into our comments section below to let us know.

HT: Science Around Michigan
Image: HIRoLab/YouTube

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