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Nerds Need Love Too

Hey, fellow nerdists! Pardon my absence, but I had to take a little time off to go get hitched. I was thinking about what my first post back should be, and then it dawned on me: why, weddings, of course! Nerds LOVE weddings, right?!

Even if you are more Battlefield than Bridezillas, I thought you all could appreciate these spectacular and spectacularly nerdy weddings. And possibly get some ideas for your own. That’s right. 95% percent of adults get married at least once in their lifetime. Your days are numbered, nerds. So get to planning.

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What Animal Would Your HIS DARK MATERIALS Dæmon Be?

What Animal Would Your HIS DARK MATERIALS Dæmon Be?

How Much Turkey Would You Need to Eat to Get Knocked Out by Tryptophan Alone?

How Much Turkey Would You Need to Eat to Get Knocked Out by Tryptophan Alone?

Peter Jackson Filmed Part of RETURN OF THE KING on a Mine Field

Peter Jackson Filmed Part of RETURN OF THE KING on a Mine Field



  1. Amy H says:

    Moni- What David just said– Take heart! It will happen when you’re not actively looking for it! Just keep going out to have fun doing things you love, and you’re bound to eventually find someone who just clicks. Happened to me when I wasn’t actively looking, so you just hang in there, girly! Just be your awesome Who-lovin’ self!

  2. David Dietz says:

    Wow. So much to comment on. First of all, the chick in the Entterprise-D wedding is wearing a red SKIRT, not a red SHIRT. Red SKIRTS never died on Kirk’s watch (he was too busy gettin’ jiggy wit’em!!!)

    Second – didn’t have a nerd wedding myself, but I did marry a girl (after years of thinking there wasn’t one for me) who I later converted to a Whovian! She was already sort of a nerd-girl to begin with (she was a gamer when I met her – I’m totally NOT) and now we’ve brought the “Next Generation” of nerdom into the word: our son Connor!

    So, Moni… as the Doctor himself once said, “Brave heart.” Sanchmo has it right. And, if I might add my own two gold-pressed latinum bars: it’ll happen when you’re NOT actively looking for it!

  3. Jessica-Star says:

    Congratulations Anjeanette! =D

    Our wedding was moderately Who-oriented. I didn’t want costumes or anything, but we gave shot glasses embossed with the Seal of Rasillon, the invitations and cake incorporated Who, and I walked to Rose’s theme.

    Oh, and the best parts? I got to tell my husband he was ‘The Definite Article” in our vows, and our Notary ended the ceremony with, “Kiss the Girl, Doctor” in reference to the old Tom & Lalla Prime computer commercials.


  4. Corey says:

    As a nerd who got engaged this weekend, this post came at just the right time. Thanks, Nerdist

  5. LauraH says:

    I almost died laughing at the woman in the Red Shirt. The other thing that jumps out from these photos is Superman’s bride and her maid of honor. Both look horrified about the nuptials taking place under giant Superman’s giant crotch. That or the bride didn’t really want her man to be dressed in tights.

  6. Slim Charles says:

    Marriage is for pussies, anyway

  7. Corey Young says:

    I lost the ability to comment with coherent focus once I saw the Trek wedding. Getting wed on the bridge of the Enterprise D in a mixture of 23rd and 24th dress and standard uniforms…how do you explain these anachronisms? Your marriage is a sham!

    I’m dizzy.

  8. Sanchmo says:

    Hang in there moni. As being a Whovian teaches you, the universe is a big place, there’s a companion out there for everyone. It might just take some time to find them.

    Also, how has nobody commented so far… that man in the star trek wedding does not want to be married… exhibit a) HIS WIFE IS A RED SHIRT!!!

  9. moni says:

    P.S. centurion armour welcome.

  10. moni says:

    @Raz and Jason
    Thanks guys.
    It’s hard out here for a chubby chick. And ya I’ve lost a lot of weight in recent years, but its still hard for me to get a date.

    If I could meet sweethearts like you I’d be very happy. 🙂

    (Love the TARDIS compliment. she’s a sexy, sexy thing.)

  11. Jason G says:

    @moni – What Raz said. As a fellow Whovian who can quote Python in my sleep, I can tell that you’re bigger on the inside. <3 Hang in there.

    (That was a compliment- or a sincere attempt)

  12. Raz says:


    1) You’re not as fat as you think.

    2) “Fat” men need love too (just like nerds).

    3) Ask Matt Mira, being fat is not a permanent condition. I’ve also lost ~50 pounds over the last 6 months.

    4) Being able to recite Monty Python is a + in my book.

    5) I am so in for a Doctor Who themed wedding! Although, I’d rather being wearing Rory’s centurion armor…

  13. Frank Varro says:

    I just got married on Oct 8th (Congrats to you on yours!) and while its not nerdy to this scale, my wedding topper was PRETTY nerd if you ask me. Figurines are official, clothes sewn by me.

  14. moni says:

    NOBODY and I mean NOBODY wants to marry me. Nerdy Whovian Girl or not. No guy wants to marry a girl who can recite Monty Python…..unless she’s cute. I”m fat. So nobody wants to marry me, so I’ll never get married with a bowtie tying our hands together like The Doctor and River Song….because nobody wants me. So my days are open.