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10 Pranks to Make Your Halloween Scary AND Funny

While most children (and some teens who don’t know when their time is up) get excited for Halloween because of the massive amounts of candy it brings in, those of us who are older look forward to the pranks we can play on our friends and family (I said those of us who are OLDER, not MATURE).

Let’s take a look at 10 pranks with a Halloween Theme that are either really scary or really funny.

Jimmy Kimmel

Every Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel sends a call to action to his viewers to upload a video of them telling their kids they ate all their Halloween candy. Here is the 2014 edition of this annual tradition.

Drone Demon

Amazon wants to use drones to get packages to people quicker. Tom Mabe dressed one up like a demon and convince people that Death is coming for them.

The “Real” Chucky

Staring at a poster of Chucky is bad enough. The only thing worse? When he jumps out of the poster and begins chasing you.

Mutant Giant Spider-Dog

“Want to take Sparky to the dog park?” “Meh.” “Want to dress him up as a mutant spider and terrorize people?” “Yes…yes I do.”

Scary Snowman

It may not be winter, which makes a frowning snowman conspicuously standing on a street corner all the more creepy.


If you come into eye contact with Ellen DeGeneres, chances are you’re added to her hit list. Here’s a montage of some of her best celebrity scares.

Skeleton Driver

All you need is a fake skeleton and a fake car seat to send fast food restaurants into a frenzy.

Chainsaw Massacre

A great prank is one where everyone involved uses their strengths to their advantage.

Scary Elevator Prank

This video is from Brazil, but I believe “AHHHHHHH!!” means the same thing in any language.


Nothing better to cap off this list than zombies.  The only thing better would be zombies and FIRE! Luckily, we found one with both.

So there you have it. 10 pranks to make some jump, and others crack up. Oh, and if you’re interested in making your OWN Halloween prank video, here’s an easy one to get you started. All you need are three bags of candy, a bowl, and friends who get annoyed pretty easily.


So what do you think? Which of these videos was your favorite? Are there any that you’ve found that could be added to this list? Let me know on Twitter or sound off in the comments below. And keep up with all your Nerdoween new right here at!

IMAGE: Humor and Beyond

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